Some years ago, 2004 or so, there was Michael, usually sitting in front of the main post office, drawing cartoons, Mouse, political, fun, SC characters. Together with my business partner we would see him frequently during the week, mailing our unsuccessful PR materials. Often chatting with Michael, we’d buy his work for a dollar, then $5, then we came up with an idea he could be selling his work to a local newspaper. Oddly enough, no one wanted either our efforts or the relationship to even start, allegedly due to improper or lack of documents on Michael’s part. Can you relate? More awareness 20 years later? I recall stories from the ’60s, there was no paperwork needed to start tamales, hot dogs, or beach ice cream stand, and perhaps, only perhaps there were less homeless people? Who has the stats, or who cares?

Wolf | Goodtimes.sc


Wolf, I do not have the stats, but I CARE. The homeless in Pajaro are in my Cabrillo district. The homeless Cabrillo students searching for a place to live and study are part of my purview as a trustee. We need to build our dorm on the Aptos campus for 300 students. Yes, it matters to me. It is now under Environmental Impact Review. And I want to thank writer Josue Monroy for an EXCELLENT article. This is the kind of journalism we need. The individuals interviewed raised questions about being unhoused that few reporters ever broach.

Steve L Trujillo | Goodtimes.sc


It’s too bad it was only for one day…after all, our unhoused live with this daily; the least they could be given a few weeks of a showing so more people could be impacted by the truth.

Valerie Arno Goodtimes.sc


 I was just at the base of campus where United Auto Workers Union of UCSC employees and other groups are all at the base of campus and the UCSC police are completely detouring traffic so people don’t actually even see what’s going on.

There is absolutely no reason to detour traffic except to have the entire thing go unnoticed. If you were to drive up there right now, it would look as if nothing is happening. There’s no reason to detour the traffic because this critical and massive action and the wide range of demonstrators are not blocking through traffic.

Please send reporters there right now and what’s happening. There are a lot of reporters who have been there today, but that was before the UCSC police blocked the roads. I was wondering why all of the traffic stopped pouring through. This is telling and notable.

Tiffany Worthington



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