I read your recent response to the divisiveness and polarization around the crisis in the Middle East. First, thank you very much. It was a calm and sensible response to a complex time in history. I am sad that we have become micro focused without the ability to express other points of view. We can not succeed as a Democracy with our news outlets and journalists under attack again and again. I will support free speech and freedom of the press forever. I am sorry the GT as an organization was targeted.

Denise Elerick


I am horrified to read the Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism in your recent article “Pro-Israel Demonstrators Rally on West Cliff.” published online on November 25, 2023. I strongly echo the demands of the Palestine Solidarity Central Coast letter that was delivered to the Good Times on November 27, with updates based on your quiet edits to the article:

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The article “Pro-Israel Demonstrators Rally on West Cliff” by Josue Monroy published online on November 25, 2023 does not go to print in the November 29, 2023 edition or any future print edition.

The Good Times issues a public apology for publishing harmful Islamophobic language and holds the appropriate editor(s) and journalist(s) accountable.

Equal and fair coverage of the many demonstrations taking place that center Palestinian solidarity and stand against genocide..

That the Good Times immediately stop publishing all Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism.

That the Good Times urgently call for a permanent ceasefire and the end of over 75 years of the U.S.-backed Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Heather Cox


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