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I found the reactions that were printed about the first Take a Hike column were over the top and clearly triggered individuals. I found the article about beach access to be fair and accurate. Stockton did not take a picture of the “Karen” or give any information that would personally identify her.

He talked about the situation in a general way and who the average person in that community blocking beach access was. Stockton discussed an issue that is very much “up” for our community to look at.

The term Karen is an archetype that we all need to check ourselves on having. Although I feel sorry for people whose name is Karen and was relieved that my name wasn’t chosen for this “archetype,” it is similar to calling someone a Pinocchio or a Goldilocks. We all have an understanding of that archetype.

And though Alex may think he has “no skin in the game” … I heard a lot of ego raging in his response. Let’s all take a breath here and go for a hike. And letting your small dog off the leash at the beach with multiple friends around, is that really a big offense?

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Peggy Sullivan | Santa Cruz


I saw that in the most recent email to readers, the Good Times began with a statement of support for the new location of The Hook dispensary, and I was a bit concerned that the assertion that this dispensary was “started by WAMM” may confuse readers.

The incoming business is a commercial dispensary, an expansion of the ownership which runs The Hook’s two outlets (in Capitola and Watsonville) and the Treehouse in Soquel. It is true that in order to open a dispensary in the city of Santa Cruz, the owner purchased WAMM’s license, and it is certainly wonderful that The Hook’s ownership will continue to allow WAMM’s clients to receive medicinal cannabis from all the outlets they run, but I worry it may be misleading to characterize this business only on the basis of WAMM’s license since that will be a minor part of the business’ operations.

Apart from anything else, I’m sure our teachers and parents would want to make it clear they are not at all taking a stance in opposition to WAMM, who has done such amazing and life-saving work for decades.

I also know that the stance of teachers at Santa Cruz High have taken many people by surprise in our community, so I would love to offer access for interviews if you would like to learn more. I know it has proven divisive. I certainly do not expect to convince everyone that teachers’ and counselors’ concerns override the interests of this business which has met city requirements, but I would be happy to help demystify their position.

Sam Rolens

Chief of Communication & Community Engagement

Santa Cruz City Schools


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