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Thank you for the remembrance article, by Geoffrey Dunn, of Rowland Rebele. Reb was, indeed, a big part of Santa Cruz County life.

I first met Reb around 1982, when he, his Stanford classmate Bill Woolsey, and I and our wives went to dinner before seeing a play in Los Gatos. We were all members of Freedom Rotary; Bill Woolsey was the founding president. At the restaurant, I was surprised to see that our wives’ menus had no prices, but I digress.

As we began to know Reb in Freedom Rotary and learned of his interest in small town newspapers, we Rotarians created a fiction: We stealthily “found out” that he was a silent partner — and we never let him forget our “discovery” — of the local rag, which few, even today, knew — called the PRUNEDALE REGULAR.

Over the years, I told Reb I would share on his passing that he was the only person with wit and humor who could talk for 20 minutes on my answering machine. I and many of his friends will remember him with a smile on our lips and a warm touch in our hearts. Reb was much more than a hero. He was A Good Man!

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Charter Member and Past President

Freedom Rotary


They promise us this and they promise us that.

Those over dressed lawyers and other fat cats.

With their expensive blue suits and their fancy red ties, some dressed in grey

all telling their lies.

If I sound disenchanted you’re right, I am.

Just sick and tired of this American scam.

If I caught your attention that’s good cause there’s more, I’m also disgusted with this

thing they call war.

You heartless war mongers all safe in your castles, lying to folks like me.

While the innocent masses, many just kids, brutally die overseas.

You fight over oil you fight over land,

while most of your sheep hide their heads in the sand.

What will it take to stop all this fighting, the lying and cheating the killing and dying.

Imagine if the world would lie down its arms and refuse to fight for the man, and peace would take over a world gone mad, and love the new law of the land.

Dan O’Bannon


Fantastic story. I met the couple when I was on the Shakespeare board, they were so approachable.


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