Week of January 31, 2024


This spring, the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies will finalize transportation pollution rules for light- and heavy-duty vehicles which will impact generations to come and help pave the way for a zero-emission vehicle future.

The Biden Administration must keep the country on track to sell 100 percent new electric vehicles by 2035 by implementing the strongest possible vehicle standards today.

Paula Barsamian


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In answer to your Street Talk question (1/24/24): Yes, a statement from the city council is appropriate when the issue is extremely urgent. In the case of Israel’s clearly disproportionate slaughter of women, children, elders, et al.–in Gaza–citizens of Santa Cruz really have nowhere else to go. Rep. Panetta seems to be a militant Zionist, whose bias toward the right-wing government of Israel seems obvious. He also appears to favor war rather diplomacy, even when innocent civilians continue to be murdered–more than 25,000, including minors and seniors. I urge folks to read the South African accusation of genocide filed with the International Court of Justice.

Robert deFreitas


The Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee (SCCDCC) has approved a resolution calling on the President and the area’s congressional delegation to work for a permanent, sustainable, bilateral Gaza cease-fire, the return of hostages, and the resumption of humanitarian aid to civilians.

The Wednesday night vote was 24-3 following a lengthy and civil discussion, during which several amendments were also approved.

(1) urges the Biden administration and our congressional delegation to immediately call for and facilitate de-escalation, release of all hostages and a permanent, sustainable, bilateral cease-fire to urgently end the current violence; and

(2) calls upon the Biden administration and our congressional delegation to promptly send and facilitate the entry of humanitarian assistance for civilians in Gaza.

Tony Russamano

Santa Cruz Democratic Party Communications


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