Cabrillo College board member Adam Spickler said “Sometimes what the majority wants isn’t really what’s healthiest or best,…). That’s the same flawed reasoning used by the founders of our country, who gave us the electoral college, which enabled the popular vote loser to become president in 2016. The majority of US voters knew better. Apparently, Mr. Spickler feels that he and the Cabrillo board knows better than the majority of county residents, who tend to support retaining the college’s name. Has the board majority forgotten that they are there to serve the public? Such arrogance should not be rewarded; fortunately, we still have elections.


Robert deFreitas | Santa Cruz


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I’m a long time reader of the Good Times; however, I was taken aback by the term “horse dewormers” in the September 20, 2023 Editorial Note which is a term used as a disparagement of Ivermectin, a valid human drug.

When COVID-19 hit, our government did not take an “all hands on deck” approach, but rather looked solely to vaccination as the only solution. If even one drug was effective in treating COVID-19, Emergency Use Authorization for vaccines to prevent COVID-19 could not be possible. EUA for these so-called vaccines(mRNA “vaccines” are technically gene therapies) is still in effect in spite of magnitudes more adverse reactions than any other vaccine.

Slowly, but surely, people are realizing all the “Big” industries: Big Ag, Big Food, Big Oil, etc. have captured the very agencies that are supposed to regulate them. In short, the CDC and FDA are not looking out for the best interests of the American people, but rather the best interest of Big Pharma.

Clint Kraft | formerly Watsonville


Bank of America is certainly making the world worse, not better as the full-page ads in the Sentinel have claimed.

A recent report, “Banking on Climate Chaos” found that the 60 biggest private banks in the world have financed $3.8 trillion in fossil fuels in the five years since the Paris climate agreement was signed in 2016.   JPMorgan Chase is the worst, followed by Citi, then Bank of America. 

According to Vox, Bank of America spent nearly $200 billion on financing fossil fuels in the past five years.

Randa Solick | Aptos


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