Great cover story about the two wonderful women who revived quality local broadcasting lost to the greedy bastards who stole it from us.

It reminded me of Laura Hopper, founder of KPIG. I was in a group of UCSC grads who competed for that FM license in the 80s. At one point I approached Laura about combining forces on a commercial station with the flexibility and humanity of a non-commercial one. She congratulated me on my vision but said, “I’ve paid my dues in creative broadcasting, I just want to flip a switch and collect checks. I think this market could use elevator music.” (Deferring to the big money behind her, I suspected.) Few remember that KPIG began as KLCZ, “light classics.” But when that didn’t work, Laura fell back on what she knew best as a veteran of beloved KFAT in the 70s. Now we are world-renowned for pioneering the eclectic mix known as “Americana” music.

It’s not surprising that it took the talent and gumption of the women you featured to bring us community radio where no man dared to tread.

Steven Robins

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These Local Guys Build Small Houses

Thank you Alekz and Jay! Such a brilliant addition to the means of sheltering those in need. I expect cities to find ways to obstruct, but I’ll hope to see support and facilitating assistance from our city reps. With Jay’s engineering skills, maybe the homes will get even better and affordable.

Joseph King

Criminalized Shelters?

It’s a decent tool to give people more options for shelter. It’s very concerning, however, that the city has put a 24/7 ban on detached trailers via their Oversized Vehicle Ordinance permit program, which presumably could mean a criminalization of this very kind of shelter.

Reggie Meisler

Building Small Shelters

Wow, thanks for saying so many nice things about me, my projects, and the things I’m trying to accomplish in this world!! Thank you very much to Brad and Josué for the amazing story and helping me get this information out to more people via the Good Times!

Alekz Londos

Ban Colloquial-speak
(From Foodie File)

“Located just a couple [sic] blocks …”. Just ask him if he wears a pair socks, drinks a six-pack beer …

I know it’s an increasingly popular (among some) colloquialism but I instinctively flag someone as stupid when they say it, let alone write it.

David Bolam

School Drive Success

On behalf of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and all of our local business partners I’m pleased to announce that our annual Drive for Schools fundraiser raised $754,709 for the 78 local schools participating. The amount raised in 2023 is the largest amount ever generated in a single year for local schools since the program was launched in 2005.

Sponsored by the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Drive for Schools has raised $9,471,311 for Santa Cruz County schools since the program started in 2005.


Kris Reyes

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


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