I’m a longtime SC resident of 25 yrs. A main reason I worked so hard to get here was because SC was so “liberal“ and free thinking, out of the box and so very unique, like I was.

I am mostly not political, but consider myself proud to have been what used to be traditional basic liberal values– NO war, freedom of speech, press, sovereign individuality, freedom of religion, the individual above corporations…a few biggies like that.

It’s been a long slow process, but I have watched what once were “Liberal” values, morph over to being conservative. Believe me, no one could be more surprised. (I don’t label myself either party now)

Big tech, big corporations, censorship and new laws daily are curtailing and giving over our freedoms. Most of my old “Liberal” friends (and sorry to say) and most liberals in general, have not kept up with these insidious changes over time.

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I don’t treat politics like a sport, or cling to it like a religion…

Maybe that’s why my eyes have been able to be open to new changes of reality.



Reading Richard Stockton’s new column, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of depth he has gone into about the very local politics of his featured hike.

However I choked on my tuna fish sandwich when he twice called a confrontational woman a “Karen.” Aren’t we past using gross stereotypes to convey meaning?

While the woman in question appears to be acting in an entitled and aggressive manner, name calling instead of describing the specifics of her behavior fails to inform the reader. Please try to do better.

Thank you for considering my point of view, or at least letting your eyeballs get to this part of my email.



Tim Gordin of Workbench, spokesperson for the proposed 18-story “Clock Tower” development project, neither understands nor appreciates the culture, history, and ambiance that makes Santa Cruz the place people are drawn to. In fact, he seems to scorn our small-town ethos.

The proposed project does not fit in style or scope with the surrounding neighborhood, and will bring hundreds of new residents to an intersection already heavily impacted by traffic. The Town Clock, the centerpiece of the area, will be virtually invisible.

The opponents of Measure M (financed in great part by real estate interests including Workbench) did not focus on the height issue, for good reason.  They focused their disinformation campaign on the 25% affordability requirement. Had that not been part of Measure M I believe it would have passed. It appears the opponents of Measure M believed that too.

People don’t want to come here just to live in a box in the sky. They can do that where they are now. People come here because Santa Cruz has a decidedly different look and vibe than other cities. Housing projects should complement existing surroundings, and reflect our history, culture and charm. Instead, they seem intent on wiping it out and turning us into another Any City USA.

Shelly D’Amour | Downtown Santa Cruz Resident


  1. ” have watched what once were “Liberal” values, morph over to being conservative.”
    Completely garbage.
    Liberal values have moved left as far as Satan wants, nothing to do with being conservative.
    Like Bill Maher said “Sure kids like clowns, but do they have to have tits?”
    Just one example.
    Radicals no longer want a better society, they just want to destroy and install communism.
    End of story.
    This will never get printed because of censorship.

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