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Mobile Homes Next to Rail Trail

Some people are expressing concern about mobile home park residents whose homes may be affected by the construction of the rail trail (segment 10). I too have compassion for the problems these residents face. In fact, approximately 11 living structures may be impacted because they sit partially on publicly owned land.

However, criticism has been misdirected at the Regional Transportation Commission, owner of the rail and trail corridor… land which our tax money bought for public use. The appropriate target for expression of anger is the private companies who own the mobile home parks and have allowed encroachment on public land. They have been collecting rent illegally for decades on land they do not own!  These park owners should absorb all the costs associated with adjusting the position of the homes or relocating the residents. They should also have to repay the taxpayers for their fraud.

Dianne Dryer | Live Oak

ADU Parking Problems

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As much as I agree with you that vehicle shelter is a path to low cost affordable housing for all right now, I wish you spent some time discussing the barriers to this lifestyle that the city of Santa Cruz has artificially crafted, namely the Oversized Vehicle Ordinance.

Right now the OVO, which started enforcement 12/4/23, criminalizes public parking of detached trailers like Airstreams 24/7 365 days a year, with no permitting available. If you attach your airstream to your car, now it’s an oversized vehicle, criminalized for overnight parking. At best a homeowner can get a residential permit for 12 days/mo. But the point of this way of living is that you are NOT a homeowner and can’t afford property.

As for parking an airstream in a trailer park? Most trailer parks are full, have incredibly restrictive gentrification rules (can’t be too old, can’t be too ugly, etc) and have exorbitant monthly land rental costs similar to renting a room in a house.

Reggie Meisler


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