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The article by Elizabeth Borelli, explaining gyrotonics And its restorative practices was very welcome.  This system of maintenance and restoration has been little understood.  However the article failed to mention that Gyrokinesis has been taught at Cabrillo college for many years, and is readily available.

Pat Mc Veigh


I appreciate every government representative who genuinely understands what they are choosing to implement and are not at the mercy of having to “payback” those who got them elected, which may not be in the best interest of future generations.

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I’m not in his district so I cannot vote for Manu Koenig, but I trust his common sense. I urge all those who appreciate commonsense government to vote for Manu who has proven his common sense leadership in his first term. Staying focused upon what we can improve rather than getting off-track on tangents that we can do nothing about helps meeting his circulated statement:

   “I will bring us together in a collaborative government to build sustainable Transportation, proactive homeless services, and affordable housing. I will leverage technology, learn from other regions, and listen to you. Together we’ll build a better Santa Cruz County for all.”

Bob Fifield


From the Good Times website comments section

I would like to clarify a few things in the article:

1. I am in no way blaming this crisis on special education and it is not Individual Education Plans (IEPs) that can cost $100k. It is the placement in specialized schools needed for some children to thrive that can cost that much. All kids are entitled by law to a free and appropriate public education, and if I had a child in Special Ed, I too would push for whatever they needed regardless of cost. The problem is just that state and federal governments have shifted more and more of those costs to local districts.

2. While I did miss two meetings, the reason I said I feel personally responsible for this is because I let my own values, and my belief that public school teachers and support staff deserve to be paid more overshadow the financial realities of the district. As the senior member of the board, newer members looked to me for guidance during labor negotiations and I failed them. If I had insisted that we maintain our reserves at 6% (double the state mandated 3%) we would have been better prepared for this. We cannot control the huge cuts in state revenue or some of the increased costs we face, but we should have been more prepared and transparent.

Jeremy Ray


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