Week of March 13, 2024


Yes, I know it’s a centuries-old American (USA) tradition but ‘pizza pie’ is redundant because pizza means pie in Italian. Looking forward to your next order of a cappuccino coffee with steamed milk.

David Bolam


I just had Sunpower put solar panels on the roof of my home. so glad i did. PGE needs to be broken up and brought under control. the PUC is simply a hand puppet of PGE.

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I am now returning to our Capitola Macys again. i do not want to see it go under. before my former partner had his massive stroke, he worked in Macys in women’s shoes. He enjoyed the job.

While I appreciate Amazon, I do not need to give Bezos another yacht. So, Brad, THIS ELECTED official is NOT in favor of closing Macys, Kohls or Target. By the way, they bring taxes, jobs and income to our community college. Remember that next time you order from Amazon. That money goes to Bezos, not your community.

Steve Trujiillo


If the dispensary is following our ordinance as approved by voters, then this appears to be a witch hunt and a misuse of limited authority by this Superintendent. 🤔

It’s amazing that after years of legalization, we are wasting any public resources or the planning commission’s time on a zoning law that has been in place since 2010.
If the Superintendent wants to change the ordinance, then she needs to use the same channels as every other citizen and put up a ballot initiative to make her desired changes.

She should have zero authority to direct our city staff, or planning commission to stop a business from opening when city staff is quoted saying this business “meets all the objective standards laid out in the City Zoning Code.”

This is actually going to a commission vote tomorrow? How about we fill some of our pot holes instead of wasting city resources like this.



I cannot personally attend the meeting, but would if I could. I am in 100% agreement that all permits should be denied because of its proximity to the high school and then some.

The last thing Santa Cruz needs is another dispensary. Teenagers and young adults are experiencing the devastating results that cannabis use has on their mental health. Our community is taking the brunt of having to pay enormous tax dollars to support the cost of hospitalization and ongoing care of those suffering the effects of inhaling and ingesting higher and higher levels of THC. Doctors are diagnosing case after case of the correlation between cannabis with high THC levels and psychosis.

If we only knew of the mental horrors cannabis has on developing brains, it never would have become legal. If there is any group trying to get this legalization banned, please let me know. The old propaganda of no harm, no addiction, it’s medicinal, etc needs a second look.

C. Cohen


  1. I am in support of the approval given to the Hook dispensary and WAMM to open on Mission St. All distance requirements had been met and there was no sound reason to deny them that location.

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