Thank you for posting this. Finally someone is saying something. From what I have gathered, it seems like the city is unwilling to consider this an issue for their community even though they’re taking money from multiple businesses trying to go through the proper channels for live music permitting…like any responsible business owner who should have the right to at least a conversation.

Live music is and has been a huge part of Santa Cruz culture and is an attraction for many people not only during the summer tourist months.

Additionally, the median age of Santa Cruz is going down. Newcomers want to enjoy what nature Santa Cruz has to offer while also having something fun to do past 10pm on a weekend. Can’t wait to see how all those new apartments down on Pacific do once all these young adults learn there’s a 10pm curfew and the only place with music and dancing allowed are two massive music venues with generally non chill vibes.

Sinead | GoodTimes.sc

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I run the 11th hour open mic, and last year we got a super small outdoor stage, no dancing, just local up and coming musicians who want to practice and we still got shut down. Even on beautiful summer days we now need to do it inside, which is crazy. Our weekly open mic every Wed starts at 6:30 and has a hard stop by 9, and it isn’t even that loud. It’s ridiculous that we can’t support our local arts scene.

BC | GoodTimes.sc


I have run the trivia night at 11th Hour downtown for the past 1.5 years, which is once a week from 7-9pm. No music, no dancing, just dozens of happy, peaceful Santa Cruz residents answering trivia questions I read into a microphone each week with a little applause and cheering.

One very angry neighbor shouting and berating staff and threatening us nearly shut the whole thing down for all of us. How does one “no” vote cancel out hundreds of “yes” votes for these events?

 We get that real estate is expensive, so only older people tend to be able to afford it and expect peace and quiet for their “investment.” But it also turns the town into a bit of a retirement community while pushing out young people who want to have community and culture and vibrancy.

ED | GoodTimes.sc



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