.Love Your Local Band: Dan Too

Dan Too sounds like part of an incomplete sentence. Also, who is Dan One? Clearly, this name requires some context. “Dan One” is actually Dan Juan, a musical project belonging to Daniel Talamantes. He started Dan Juan about a year ago. Then last September, he started Dan Too, because he didn’t have enough “Dan” themed bands, apparently.

In truth, though, he’s a little ambivalent about the names.

“I did not come up with either of those names, but they’re sticking at this point, I guess,” Talamantes says.

The first “Dan” band, an indie rock project, features members of bluegrass ensemble Steep Ravine, who are on the road frequently. “There’d be a month or two recess and I’d want to keep playing and writing,” says Talamantes.

The second “Dan” band he started, to fill in the gaps, ended up being more in the realm of alt-country. Now that both bands are fully formed, he has the ability to take material to whichever band it fits the best. Or sometimes, whoever happens to be practicing next.

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“I bring it and if it doesn’t catch with one, I’ll bring it to the other and see what happens,” Talamantes says.

The remaining members of Dan Too include drummer Jon Payne, pedal steel/guitar player Ian Park, and bassist Tyler Larson. People might be familiar with them from a whole slew of local bands like the Painted Horses, Scary Little Friends and Dos Osos. I guess you could call it a local all-star band, although Talamantes says that just about every local band is an all-star band, so maybe that’s not a huge deal.

“Santa Cruz these days almost feels like a lottery machine. You pull the trigger and see who shows up for what instrument. This is what’s happening these days in Santa Cruz music,” Talamantes says.

INFO: 9 p.m. Saturday, June 24. Crepe Place, 1134 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz. $10. 429-6994.


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