.Mother’s Day: Risa’s Stars May 6-12

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of May 6, 2020

Thursday is Wesak, the Buddha full moon festival. We spend the following days after Wesak integrating the Buddha’s blessing and watering our gardens with the Wesak waters. The Wesak festival occurs during the night at 17.20 degrees Taurus. As the Buddha appears, he is accompanied by the Forces of Enlightenment, which strengthen the will and wisdom of humanity. During Taurus, with assistance from the Forces of Enlightenment, directed by the Buddha, we are to establish the Art of Living, Right Education, Right Thinking, Right Human Relations and learn to make Right Choices.

Sunday is Mother’s Day, honoring all mothers (and fathers who are also mothers), the nurturing principle within all of humanity. With Capricorn moon, Mother’s Day is a practical day. As mothers impart love and intelligence to their children, so does (Mother) Earth attempt to teach us. We remember the fourth commandment (Aries law) to “Honor thy mother and father.” Many have forgotten this commandment (and the other nine given to humanity through Moses at the beginning of the Aries Age). As parents age, they look to their children for love, care, guidance and companionship. Parent/child positions change. On this Capricorn day, we convey (Mercury/Jupiter) love, gratitude and respect (Capricorn) to our mothers. For those whose mothers have died, we recite the Mantram of Compassion, Om Mani Padme Hum. Note: Sunday begins a week of unusual multiple retrogrades (Saturn, Venus, Jupiter). Life everywhere turns inward.

ARIES: As everything has transformed in a moment’s notice everywhere in our world, thoughts of resources, values, money, possessions and care for others becomes the focus. You ponder on how to be creative, how to “make all things new” and how to assure your financial future. You are not afraid, but you know the future of the world is in question. You also know previous plans and agendas no longer apply.

TAURUS: There is a deep, purposeful need to recreate all aspects of your life, including making yourself anew. Look at and assess your self-esteem and body image, question your health and availability—are you or are you not able to surge forward to secure the future? You feel the fire of aspiration to have an environment in which you can use your intuitive power and purposeful use of will. You will lead, everyone follows (except a few).

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GEMINI: You have many thoughts and many unusual dreams about someone from the past. Your dreams also demonstrate a new life path is needed. At first the dreams are opaque, but then you realize the dreams are the Waters of Life calling you to be in a community where spirituality is the focus, purity is the rule and liberation the path, which is the pathway of the Server. All of this is done in the garden.

CANCER: I have often written the words, “contact releases love.” This is especially important for the moon child now and in the coming months. Groups, communities, friends assist you in acquiring a greater sense of self-worth and identity, in recognizing your gifts and abilities. It’s best to be in small groups or one-on-one encounters. What groups would you like to belong to? Who are your friends?

LEO: You are accomplished in the world of form and matter. Your sense of identity and pride in yourself have helped you succeed in being a bright star of a leader. Now you begin a new cycle—several, actually—where you move ahead with new agendas and public recognition. Remember to lead with love, and that the first test for leaders is pride. Hold yours intact; have pride in others first.

VIRGO: Things far away interest you, especially now. Things metaphysical having to do with justice, liberty, libraries, journeys and places of study are significant to you. You want to enrich your mind, broaden your knowledge base, create new ways of thinking that create a new future life. Hints as to how to proceed are in the visions you’re having.

LIBRA: Look at all expenses, especially those shared with others. Attempt to lessen the outlay for a while. Pay off loans and debts as soon as possible. There are hidden expenses you might be unaware of. Become more conscious of your finances, creating a monthly financial plan that includes planning for unexpected expenses. In some ways, your life is a secret. Is it hidden from those close to you? There’s a longing within your heart. What is it?

SCORPIO: You can be the most stable of signs when it comes to partnerships and relationships. However, sometimes you’re hidden from your partner. Scorpios need a long time in order to trust another. But when trust does come, you are theirs forever. Partnerships are a fragile balancing act. Partnerships heal and sustain and transform. You realize you always must “do your part,” impeccably.

SAGITTARIUS: Although it seems shrouded at times, you are inching slowly toward something (anything, you think) that makes your work easier, more interesting and more significant. Often the present difficulties are not understood till much later when we realize how useful the tests were (are). What is occurring in our world is valuable now. Work with others a bit more playfully. Tend to someone close by.

CAPRICORN: A great depth of creativity will emerge from you in the coming times and this continues for a long time to come. There is spontaneity of spirit at the root of your creativity and a deep aspiration to have fun, to play, to be light and free and to share this with others. You have moved from the crystal form to a diamond. Your imagination, originality, inspiration and ingenuity shine as bright as a star.

AQUARIUS: You sense the need for a new foundation, perhaps a home or a new awareness of self. You are very creative. The art that you create is a foundation of identity. However, you also must have solid things in form and matter. Although you are an air sign, it would be good to begin a garden. It would ground and stabilize you. Begin with several basil and tomato plants, oregano, parsley and dill. And marigolds.

PISCES: When someone needs help, Pisces runs towards it. True healers choose different pathways of healing—nutrition, biochemistry, naturopathy, Ayurveda, acupuncture, homeopathy. To reclaim one’s inner terrain, study what is true healing, and what is not. It involves oxygen and the understanding of the blood, the life force. Ferrum Phos (oxygen carrier) is the homeopathic cell salt for Pisces—sign of the saving force for humanity.


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