.Name our local government’s biggest flaw and its strongest asset.

lt betsyThe biggest flaw is that they want to spend money on a desalination plant. And the biggest asset is that there are people there that we can talk to that we can work with.
Betsy Phillips
Santa Cruz | Retired

lt mattI’m going to start with the biggest asset. I’ve been really impressed with the dialogue over the desal plant, and opening that up to voters. I think that’s really important. Flaw? I don’t know if I could answer that at the moment.
Matt Mellar
Santa Cruz | Student

lt fred
I think the biggest flaw is the lack of vision for really escaping the test-driven mania on the part of the school system, especially the superintendent of schools. He could provide a lot more leadership on getting us out of there. Our strongest asset is our people. There are so many people who really care and want to be involved, and that’s a great strength.
Fred Mindlin
Watsonville | Teacher


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lt charlieI’d say that the strongest asset would be the community. The fall would be the disconnect with people—not listening to the homeless more and the needy in the city that need your help.
Charlie Phillips
Santa Cruz | Retired


lt josephThe local government is unaware of the level of overhead that’s posed by going through the regulatory process, and there’s not enough understanding of the challenges that businesses meet on a day- to-day basis. The good asset of our local government is, of course, the tremendously solid citizen base who are concerned about the quality of life around Santa Cruz. And that’s a resource that can get tapped into at any time.
Joseph Schultz
Santa Cruz | His Imperial Jozeness of India Joze


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