.Point Market’s Cali Burrito On Pointe

What doesn’t the Point Market have, I ask myself, scanning the shelves and other surfaces brimming with goods. My field of vision is filled with everything from sunscreen, toiletries and Sex Wax to Marianne’s ice cream, bottles of local wine and countless snacks. There’s also all of the candy I loved as a kid, the kombuchas and jun tonics I love as an adult and—no joke—at least 50 varieties of hot sauce. There’s an espresso machine and gluten-free cookies and—well, you get the picture.

But I’m here at this charming little market on East Cliff Drive, in the heart of the Pleasure Point neighborhood, for the burritos. Specifically, the Cali burrito, which I can never resist despite a long list of other burrito options sharing menu space with breakfast, tacos, burgers, sandwiches, poutine, quesadillas and smoothies—all extremely tempting.

But wrapped within the Cali burrito’s warm tortilla are zesty seasoned french fries, carne asada, beans, rice, creamy avocado, sour cream and melty cheese. It’s everything my California heart wants in a burrito, our unofficial state food. The friendly cashier behind the counter rattles off a list of salsa options that blur together, but gives me an insider’s tip: “You gotta get the spicy green.” I do, and I do not regret it.

One of the things I appreciate about the burritos at the Point is that I can choose a smaller burrito size. Yes, the large is only one dollar more and substantially more food, but I have moved on from the stage of my life where calories mean nothing. I want the joy of a burrito without the waste or reheating. A day-old burrito can simply not be revived, and I would rather not carry around a food baby that feels like a literal baby. For me, the small burrito is just enough.

The joys of the Point Market are many, and they’re spreading to Live Oak. Sister store Black Point Market on the corner of 14th Avenue and East Cliff Drive will offer similar products with a local vibe, with hopes to open in June.


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