.Leo—Creative, Fun-Loving and Fiery: Risa’s Stars July 24-30

Everyone knows Leo is the lion of the zodiac, a fiery, dramatic and creative creature; fun-loving with a sense of child-like wonder. Leo is always creating something, which helps build knowledge of the self. “I learn about myself by what I create,” says Leo. Creating helps Leo leave the womb-like Cancer waters, stand alone and enter into a divine state of individuality (necessary developmental stage before group awareness in Aquarius). Individuality, a sense of fun (sometimes brooding), a golden light, creativity, and a seeking of self-awareness describe a Leo personality in the making. Leo is a fire sign (following the waters of Cancer). Fire always carries forward what water has begun. Sometimes, water with fire creates a steamy situation.

Leo controls the life of all aspirants, or seekers of that which is beyond material reality. Aspirants have an inner, unquenchable fire for things more refined or spiritual, finding it difficult to realize this spiritual reality in the marketplace. Aspirants are “beginning to walk the path toward spirit.” And the first step is the knowledge of self. Leo provides the impetus to create, which leads to a recognition of self as a creator.

Leo needs tremendous courage. We can help by recognizing, praising and honoring their every step along the way. For this they are quietly grateful.

ARIES: Do you feel as if you’re on a cross, divided intensely between four ways, standing in the middle wondering which path to venture upon next? There are past issues that need tending and closure before knowing how to proceed. They are being illuminated now, so look around, assess, ponder, pray for guidance, and have the intention to gracefully complete all things unfinished. Then the next page of your life turns.

TAURUS: Keep going into the future, even though many pressures pull you backward. The new Aquarian realities must be brought forth, and each sign has a specific task and responsibility. You have the illumination needed to communicate to others the plans and purposes of building the new era. You have a model to construct, things to build, expansions to bring forth, information to share so that all that is good can be salvaged. The God of the waters will help.

GEMINI: Truly, you are experiencing much duality. For balance, stand directly center, so you can see both sides before choosing, observe clearly, and understand how to create a triangle of synthesis. There are two paths outlined for you, yes? Choosing the right path is revealed through revelation (symbols). Draw, visualize and ponder upon the following–a seven-pointed star, six-pointed star, five-pointed star, triangle, cross, and circle. Visualize yourself at the center of each.

CANCER: A duality is being presented to you in terms of your religious or spiritual practices. Perhaps there’s a fusion occurring between what you were taught and what you know or seek now. Perhaps you have found a new spiritual practice. Or maybe your friends don’t participate with you or support what you believe in. Is your communication possibly critical? Careful. You may not realize your tone of impatience. The homeopath Aconite neutralizes impatience (an excess of electrical energy). Stay out of rainstorms.

LEO: Tend carefully to finances; ask for assistance if puzzled, and embrace the future by banking locally and investing money in tangibles and goods that are practical yet sustaining. Plan on others learning from you. Humans, plants and animals, too. Past memories may appear. It’s good to ask, “Did I love enough?” If not, there’s still time. The saying, “Love is all there is” is real. It’s your mantram. A group offers two suggestions. Relationships fall sideways.

VIRGO: There may be some ongoing self-criticism and resulting heartaches. Previous beliefs and actions may no longer suffice. It’s important to know the critical thoughts are not true. They’re simply old remnants. It’s good to turn toward words of praise creating a journal of self-praise, which then allows your true identity, gifts and abilities to come forth. Praise of all things all around you neutralizes mental and emotional fear, sadness, illusions, and distortions.

LIBRA: Something profound, transformative, different, and new will occur in the foundations from which you live your life. It is from here also where change occurs. By autumn, you’ll know what these are. In the meantime, so much has shifted with work and your professional life. Are you feeling somewhat out to sea? Are you doing what you love to do? Do you know what this is? Are you thinking about more travel? Tend with care and kindness all relationships. They sustain, nourish and fortify you in all ways you don’t see yet.

SCORPIO: As your home life tumbles and bobs about here and there (expansion, then wounding, then a sense of dissolving) you could feel a bit of sadness and despair along with a sense of exhilaration. Both are occurring, along with a shift of friends (are you feeling somewhat alone?) and new information coming in about work and your professional life. Tend to money carefully. No excess expenditures on baubles or things that shine. Matter all around you is disappearing quickly. The world is changing. You understand its underbelly.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time for something new in terms of relationships. It’s also time to travel somewhere you’ve been before, to assess it with new eyes. Be aware of how much work you’ve done, how much you do each day, where you are today, and where you’ve been. In the next seven years, your usual ways of thinking and interpreting will change into a profoundly new way of assessing the world. Your creativity alters, too. Some of this is already occurring. As you hover forever at the razor’s edge, inch closer to the middle and stay there a while 

CAPRICORN: You stand between two themes with money: you have enough, you don’t have enough. In between is a possible wound. Perhaps you grew up with very little money, enough money or too much. This gave you a certain lens concerning money. But here we are today, and all around us the monetary world as we’ve known it is changing. Don’t fret or be fearful about anything. You always have what you need. Ponder upon priorities considering your creativity. What will you create now? You always come to true answers.

AQUARIUS: There is and will be a breaking away from your usual ways of being. What’s normal will be upside down for a while. This gives you time to assess who you are, what you value about yourself and how you would like to change. Increased social interactions lead to increased social success. You are accomplishing life’s tasks on your own, in your own timing and rules. This is good. Finally, you have the freedom to step into your dreams.

PISCES: Things feel very complex. You’re in a state of solitude, and all your expectations are surfacing, providing information previously not known. Clearly you see that disappointments and sadnesses, those that lead to despair, are based upon unrealized hopes, dreams and wishes. These were not incorrect. Now you are aware of them. What you will do next? This question isn’t answerable yet. Keep observing, refining yourself, and remain in a state of praise.


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