.Risa’s Stars: Mars Retrograde and Preparing for Wesak

Sunday, April 17, Mars, the red planet that propels us forward, turns stationary retrograde at 17 degrees Sagittarius, sign of journeys, justice and goals.
Mars retrograde shifts our usual outward trajectory inward into places that haven’t been touched since last Mars retrograde (Libra, 2014). Mars (red, hot, intense activity, desire), when retrograde, creates life-altering transformations experienced internally rather than externally. Health wise, our vitality lessens, Mars can be inflammation, and Sagittarius rules the thighs. Therefore, we are cautioned to be careful of inflammatory foods and activities. Mars retrogrades every 26 months or so (not like Mercury every 3-4 months). Mars is retrograde for 2.5 months at a time (73 days).
The same rules for Mercury retro apply to Mars retro.
Retrograde planets are close to the Earth. Earth, with Mars retro, will also experience an intensification of events, or inflammatory situations, an uprising of things red, hot, conflictual and martial. Individuals experience Mars retro internally. However, collectively, the world experiences Mars retro as explosive. Mars is also courage, the ability to protect and defend, to “battle for the Lord.” Ruler of Aries and Scorpio, Mars signifies the warrior’s highest aspirations.
Mars creates the “burning ground,” the pathway, an alchemical fire that purifies. Mars retro allows us to align with and realign deep desires, aspirations and life purpose. All around us will be dramatic (at times, torrid) transformations, endings, re-orientations, journeys, regenerations, and significant encounters.
This week we prepare for the Wesak Festival (next Thursday and Friday, full moon time), the Buddha’s yearly visit from Shambhala to Earth (Wesak Valley in the Himalayas), distributing the Will of God to humanity. Read more daily on my Facebook page as we prepare for the Wesak Festival together.

ARIES: A sense of being in alignment occurs this month for everyone, but especially you. As this occurs many unusual ideas appear in your mind. They are important, providing direction, stabilizing your actions and self-identity in the coming challenging times. Careful with groups. Stand tall and courageous and remember that anxiety is a state seeking more detailed information.
TAURUS: You’re serving others, which often disrupts your own personal schedule. Or perhaps you’re in retreat and behind the scenes which allows you to ponder, think and study the world events undistracted. Or, you’re far away from home tending to a life-and-death situation or a medical emergency. Whatever the present journey, love underlies all your actions and choices.
GEMINI: Hurry and do all that’s needed to prepare for the Mars retrograde. Always you’re being prepared for something important. Perhaps it’s to dispel the illusions of others concerning what’s occurring on our planet now. As you slowly move back into a reflective state, something is happening to your sense of intimacy and relationships. Steady yourself, poised at the center of what matters.
CANCER: There’s a different communication occurring between you and the groups you interact with and/or belong to. Perhaps you will be recognized more or called to lead or a wish is fulfilled. New people enter your circle, perhaps through a community interaction, a market, a class or meet-up. Maintain your ethics and ideals as you adapt and compromise and plan for the future.
LEO: Work continues to be a deep stabilizing influence and new ideas occur that develop new ways of relating to everyone professionally. It’s important to be especially in touch with your creativity. You are more than you think you are, more than most see and recognize. Careful with authority. Create a balance between discipline, structure, willingness and kindness. It equals right human relations.
VIRGO: Things religious and spiritual, questions concerning justice, and journeys all come into your mind. You are greatly organized, tending well to plans and agendas that affect daily life. Careful at home, with sharp knives, steps, tools, and where you walk. Be aware of each moment lest you fall and hurt yourself. When we learn new things, stumbling about is always our first step.
LIBRA: Your heart fills up with love for another. When we love more sometimes wounds appear. Wounds have a purifying affect, bringing us attention to what hurts most. What underground streams of thought are you having? Mars is uncovering wounds from long ago. Bring everything into the light of day for discussion. An old wound surfaces. It has to do with miscommunication. Forgive.
SCORPIO: In your daily life it’s good at this time to listen carefully and agree with others, participating in their ideas, plans and agendas. This creates a magnetic emotional balance within you and all around you. You will be seen as wise, intelligent and caring. Cooperate, share, provide others with praise and attention. In the secret moments of your life, tend carefully to money and resources.
SAGITTARIUS: Something important now is you creating new methods and trainings at work, maintaining an ethical and just work environment and being the mentor everyone seeks. Also, tend to physical, emotional and psychic health. Be sure to have sound financial advice. In odd moments remember to play a lot. Notice that what was previously a pleasure changes dramatically.
CAPRICORN: It’s good every now and then to turn to our partner(s) (intimate, business, etc.) and renew commitments, intentions and vows. Bonds then deepen—trust, too. A deep spiritual presence may appear in your mind, heart, dreams or visions. People may wonder what’s different about you, what is that light they see around you? It’s the light of goodwill emanating from you creating peace and goodness to all.
AQUARIUS: You will find yourself returning to friends and groups you’ve interacted with before. They have missed you. You’ll be out and about, doing what’s needed firmly and without distraction. A new base of operations is attempting to form but there are changes you must bring about first. List all things needed in your life. Then, take one step. Then the next. Each step lets you know you’re in control of your life.
PISCES: You will ask yourself questions regarding direction in life, work and in the world. The retrograde allows us to assess, reassess and re-evaluate our direction, aspirations and goals. Do not push the river in any way during the next three months. Tend to elders, parents, co-workers, mentors. Know there is no failure. There is only experiencing and learning. Know also that you are always a success.


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