.Risa’s Stars May 25—May 31

With Mercury now moving forward we begin a new three-month cycle of information gathering. The purpose of Mercury retrograde is to help us organize information received previously, thus preparing our minds for new information in the upcoming months. We were to review, then cast away thoughts and ideas no longer needed. Not utilizing the retrograde in this way, we can have difficulty integrating new information and revelations offered before the next Mercury retrograde occurs. Mercury next retrogrades Aug. 30–Sept. 22 (in Virgo). And again Dec. 19 into the new year (in Capricorn), so that 2017 begins in a Mercury retrograde.
As of this writing, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Juno remain retrograde. Soon Neptune, too. We are therefore still experiencing an inner reflective focus and many of us feel exhausted. Mars retro makes Aries and Scorpio unusually tired. With Saturn and Pluto retro, Capricorn, too is affected. We don’t push the river. We stand deep in the river of reflection instead.
Saturday, Jupiter (in Virgo) squares Saturn (in Sag). Jupiter direct, Saturn retrograde. Jupiter expands us, Saturn holds back. They’re social planets, affecting our being out and about in the world. We seek expansive change and encounter hindrances everywhere. It’s not time yet. Their interchange? Saturn creating structures (we can’t see yet) to express love and wisdom (Jupiter). They’re mutable signs, telling us to adapt and observe more, make adjustments to old beliefs, and to know all is well. Even the vicissitudes. They have purpose. Here is a statement from a great teacher to a student: “Be simple, clear as day, accepting and full of love.” These get us through the retrogrades all the time.

ARIES: In the past weeks you considered what was important to you. What was special, of value, and your monetary situation. These are important considerations. You might have asked how much am I worth and/or is what I’m doing worth it? You realized what would make you more comfortable, what to do with your cash (where to put it), and perhaps you researched gold and silver. If not, do so. Values and worth were your keynotes.
TAURUS: You thought and re-thought on how to approach the world, the new world of new ideas. How to bring forth all that you’re worth in order to create changes in living, location, geography, purpose, and way of life. You are the sign of the Art of Living. So where and how you live is important, because people watch you, mentor you, imitate you. Something of great value hasn’t emerged from you yet. It will soon. It’s brilliant!
GEMINI: The Mercury retro invited you to retreat into yourself, to be contemplative, to become a Pisces actually. Pisces and Gemini have a lot in common. Only these two signs are able to synthesize polarities and dualities. Dualities that you bring forth is the task of Gemini, always. Did you feel alone these last weeks? Did you receive messages? Did you dream? Spirit and Venus were with you. Create an altar.
CANCER: Did you withdraw a bit from your usual social situations? When we are away from our usual habits, something unusual happens to us. We discover that we have an inner life and rediscover who we truly are. It’s important during the retrogrades to focus upon hopes, wishes and dreams. Even if you don’t yet know, ask each night before sleep. As the retrogrades ease, it will be time to reconnect and be with friends again.
LEO: The past weeks gave you an opportunity to tend to previous tasks, old business, to bring closure to work no longer relevant. A question for you: Are you happy with your work, your career, or with what you do each day? Do you know what you hope to achieve? Have you thought of this before? Tend to the world of work with renewed vitality, a new vision and orientation. The world needs you at this time.
VIRGO: The question posed to you these past weeks has to do with adventures. Have you had any recently? You’re due for a double shot of the world expanding all around you. A new sense of identity, too. It’s important to consider where you might want to travel in the near future, what you would like to study, and what cultures are of interest. Your mind needs new information so that the hidden parts of you can come to life.
LIBRA: Let all things secret come to light in your relationship. Let all your wealth be spread abroad. Let your gifts come forth, let them be shared with all who love you. Let anything that hinders your flow of love be eliminated. Let everything be forgiven. Forgiveness leads to the beginnings of understanding. Ask lots of questions. Listen deeply. Let the joy of others’ gifts wash over you.
SCORPIO: It seems everything came into renegotiation these last weeks. What you thought you wanted and needed wasn’t. What you thought was important and what you valued turned out to be different. There were things unspoken, hidden, unknown. Things will continue to change for you over the next months. You are continuing to clear your path and forge ahead. Read The Labours of Hercules (by Alice Bailey). Every labor. Find yours.
SAGITTARIUS: Everything about work was, has been, and continues to be re-organized. Even your daily life seems to be without an agenda. You reflect upon previous relationships and previous work situations. Sorting out what was good, what was valuable? All schedules have gone by the wayside. You’re called to be completely intuitive, flexible, discerning, and unpredictable. In the meantime, in all the changes, care for your health first.
CAPRICORN: Your creative energy was in a state of rest for a while. This seeming withdrawal was quiet. It was to create a new underlying state of the arts, creativity, and inspiration. What are you imagining now, what is inspiring you? Galleries, art magazines, dance, music, these reconnect you to spontaneity, playfulness and curiosity. Keywords: recapture, reanimate, restore what love kindled.
AQUARIUS: You are very aware of how home is our hideaway, refuge, shelter, our sangha, the sanctuary we retreat to. What is the quality of your home? So many of us don’t yet have one. Or we’ve lost our home. Home is our childhood, our past, our foundation, the roots that grew our values and established our character. Be grateful for all that has been given to you. As you grow in gratitude, things needed are offered you.
PISCES: You are beginning a new phase soon. Now you are in the transitional phase. In all transitions, Libra comes into our lives. Libra whispers to us, “Maintain balance, be poised. Be graceful, dignified and self-confident. Remain calm. Simply prepare. You are to “triumph wherever you find yourself.” Don’t hover, perch, hang, float or suspend your life. Just wait patiently.

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