.Mystery DJ from Our KZSC Cover Speaks Out

The cover image for GT’s story commemorating KZSC’s 50th anniversary was a 1978 photograph of an unnamed disc jockey from UCSC’s McHenry Library Special Collections. And there were a million things we wanted to know about that photo, like “Who is this person?” and “How does he have such great hair?”

We figured these questions would go unanswered forever. But luckily, Robin Lewin unexpectedly saw his face on that cover—from four decades ago, when he was 19—thanks to some local friends who recognized him through that curly mop of fro-like hair, hemmed by a scruffy beard.

“When other people heard about it, they didn’t even realize it was me. People haven’t seen me with hair like that,” Lewin says. “It was really cool, when I put it on Facebook, people started coming out of the woodwork going like, ‘Oh my god, that’s you?’ It was a trip.”

Lewin says the cover image was a pleasant surprise, not only because he didn’t know the photograph existed, but also because he went on to be the GT sales manager for two years after graduating. And after a stint in radio production post-graduation, he’s currently working in video production in Los Angeles. And apparently has a lot less hair.

Lewin was the station manager at KZSC all four years of his undergraduate career, from 1975-79, despite his initial lack of radio experience. He recalls that his show was a hodgepodge of progressive rock and jazz, spinning bands like Genesis and Gentle Giant.

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“If you were motivated,” he says of that era at KZSC, “you could do anything you wanted to.”



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