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Good Times Senior Project 2017 coverWhen we started Senior Project a couple of years ago, we wanted to smash the antiquated notions of what a magazine for seniors is supposed to be. We wanted to talk about how 60 is the new 40, 70 is the new 50, and 120 is the new 99 (OK, we haven’t gotten into that last one too much yet). Santa Cruz comedian and writer Richard Stockton provided what almost served as a mission statement in that first issue, with his story about why the Baby Boomer generation refuses to get old. Last issue, he wrote a very personal piece about his battle with sleep apnea. This time around, he combines the generational scope and personal feel of his past pieces for a moving and very funny story about meeting Janis Joplin, and how the Boomer generation came of age. It’s my favorite piece yet by one of Senior Project’s signature voices.

Also hitting a new high is another regular in this magazine, June Smith, whose story about the Go Game pulls back the curtain on a world of real-time senior role-play on the streets of Santa Cruz that most people don’t know is happening around them. Andrew Steingrube explores a new Zen approach to healing at Dominican Hospital, and Cheryl Huguenor considers whether we’re all really getting older and wiser … or just older. This issue of Senior Project has a lot to say about life after 55—which is possibly the new 35. We’ll check that out and get back to you.



  1. Hi Senior Project Staff, A Village Santa Cruz member shared a photocopy of a page of the 2017 edition on Senior Project with me, and I enjoyed flipping through the full online edition. Village Santa Cruz is a membership based nonprofit with a mission of supporting community members as they age in their homes by providing social connection, intergenerational interaction, and practical assistance. Community and support are at the heart of what our members and volunteers provide and we would love to be included in the categories “Classes and Activities” and “Volunteering” in The Guide portion of your 2018 edition. I was not able to find contact info so am reaching out to you this way in the hopes that you can connect with editors for possible inclusion in future editions. I might even be able to find someone from our writers group to submit an article about the importance of community as we age if you need content. Thanks for creating a publication geared towards the senior community in Santa Cruz County!


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