.Should Pacific Avenue be a one-way street, two-way street, or pedestrian only?

local-talk---jimI would definitely support closing off Pacific Mall to cars. I think that would be wonderful.

Jim Grey, Santa Cruz, Builder



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local-talk---patrickIf they change it, it will probably be more confusing for the locals, and we like it the way it is.

Patrick Castro, Scotts Valley, Hospitality







local-talk---yesiniaI think it should be a two-way, because that gets people in and out. As far as pedestrians … they’re going to have to deal with the traffic.

Yesinia Raya, Santa Cruz, Caregiver







local-talk---celineI wouldn’t change it to two-way traffic because that could lead to a lot more of a mess … there’s going to be a really rough adjustment period.

Celine Miranda, Santa Cruz, Student







local-talk---peterI would support making Pacific Avenue pedestrian only, because it’s a wonderful way of supporting community. It’s better for the business community by bringing people into the street.

Peter Beckmann, Santa Cruz, Baker


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