.Should we continue to use the Electoral College?

lt markI think the Electoral College is in place for a really good reason, which is, if you look at how many uninformed voters there are, you can be swayed, especially the way the media is set up today, I think that it’s a really good control mechanism to make sure that the majority of the people’s votes are counted correctly, and that it’s a fair and honest system that’s had over 200 years of proven success.
Mark Andrews
Santa Cruz | V.P. Business Development/Software

 lt linda

I think the Electoral College is outdated, when the elections come down to single states like Ohio which could determine the outcome of the election. I think one man one vote would be more appropriate and much more representative of true democracy.
Linda Lou
Santa Cruz | Physician


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lt dave
Absolutely not. The Electoral College doesn’t properly represent the full population.
Dave Kumec
Santa Cruz | Ice Cream Maker

lt blue
No. I don’t think it’s fair. Elections are stolen by the Electoral College. The voters don’t have the final say and elections are stolen by crooked politicians like Bush and Cheney.  
Blue Jones 
Santa Cruz | Artist


lt ariel
It doesn’t seem like it really represents what people want, especially considering that a president can win the electoral vote and not win the popular vote. And the popular vote seems more accurate.
Ariel Couch
Santa Cruz | Student


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