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turquoise-jeepRanking the glorious absurdity of music videos by YouTube sensation Turquoise Jeep

Oddball rap crew Turquoise Jeep are not Tim and Eric characters, though that might be hard to believe. With their use of obviously fake facial hair, wigs, bizarre sexual metaphors and deliberately terrible graphics, some of their videos look exactly like Tim and Eric segments, and draw on the same mix of absurd and uncomfortable humor.

What makes the jokes even odder is just how talented everyone in the crew is musically. Their beats, flow, dance moves and singing are all solid. And they’ve managed to build an entire career from their YouTube video channel. Some videos have over 12 million views—they’ve released albums and gone on successful tours as a result.

The cherry on top of the whole Turquoise Jeep experience is the mystery surrounding the group. We are supposed to know they’re characters, but they haven’t been forthright about everyone’s actual identities. In honor of their upcoming Catalyst gig, we’ve written up their five best videos.

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5. Treat Me Like a Pirate (2013): This is one of those Turquoise Jeep songs that is so close to sounding like a “serious” hyper-sexual radio club jam (“treat me like a pirate and give me that booty”), I’m surprised a rapper hasn’t already done it straight-faced. The video is just completely ridiculous, and the pirate theme is taken to the Nth degree with plenty of ship and ocean graphics (tiny versions of the members superimposed on the ships), treasure chests, and dancing ladies with eye patches, swords and telescopes.

4. Sex Syrup (2010): Probably the most overtly satirical crew member is Slick Mahony, whose George Michael beard, soulful howls and awkward dancing are totally over the top. “Sex Syrup” is the cream of Mahony’s contributions, because sexual breakfast metaphors! (“When I look at you baby, I think of breakfast/Pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns and cheese grits/You got warm buns, let me hop in the middle/And I could have it taste somethin’ like a cheese McGriddle.”) The video’s iMovie transitions and wedding-video graphics make it anything but sexy. The best shot is the superimposed lady grooving on top of a plate of pancakes.  

3. Did I Mention I Like To Dance (2011): The song is mainly an ’80s-breakdance-style tune about dancing, and the lyrics are pretty simple, but it’s one of their best videos. Flynt Flossy sings this one, and spends the entirety of the video dancing—both hysterically and kind of impressively. Seriously, dude’s got some moves.

2. Lemme Smang It (2011): This is not only Turquoise Jeep’s best-known song, but the one where they invented a new word, “smang,” which has found its way into several of their songs. (“When you get here/I’m not just gonna bang it/I’mma smash it too/so let’s just say I’m gonna smang it”). The straight-faced delivery of Yung Humma over this low-key club jammer makes it one of their best.

1. Ohh Ahh Sound (2012): This is probably one of their least-watched videos—which is a shame, ’cause it’s their most ambitious. Instead of the traditional four-minute clip, this one’s an 11-and-a-half-minute short film with a couple of songs, some scenes in between, and a plot. In the video, Flynt Flossy realizes he lost his true love, and wants to get her back. (“I’m trying to wife you up/So I can love you down/I come across town/To hear that ooh ahh sound.”). It’s a little taste of what Turquoise Jeep can do if they set their sights on the big screen.

Turquoise Jeep performs Tuesday, Oct. 14 at the Catalyst Atrium in Santa Cruz; 9 p.m., $17/$20.


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