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Question of the Week: “What should be done about the Otter 841 affair?”

841 the otter is a playful otter’s daughter. One day when she was feeling bored, she stole a local surfer’s board. Her playground is the surf, but does that mean she owns the turf? Is this the otter’s water? We turn to you for what to do.

“The otter owns the ocean, she is meant to be there, she should be free to play where she lives.
Don’t try to capture her.”

—Natalie McCowan 21, Student
“I want to take her home and give her a hot pink surfboard and name her Georgie Girl!”

—Amélie Thams, 12, Student
“It’s about more than one otter.
The red tide is toxic algae that is affecting the sea animals’ food, and they are acting up because of it.
Let her do her thing, because more are coming ”

—Daniella Blomquist, 19, Musician, with Lily
“Otters were here before us so she deserves her freedom. She’s just being a territorial creature.
We should make her a mascot, and she can have her own logo like on an Otter Pop!”

—RJ Castro, 50, Chef
“She needs to buy a surfboard like everyone else! But seriously, she could be trying to play.
Many animals play cross-species so we could play back.
If she is captured, give her a place to play.”

—Mark Fullerton, 64, Student
street talk
“I think we should set her free. It’s her home, not ours.”

—Ann Marie McCauley, 51, Designer


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