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What is your favorite go-to, good times restaurant?

Isai Rincon, 19, UCSC Game Design major

Betty Noodles on Front St near the Metro Center is where my friends and I go. For a while they were called Monster Pot. The pho is my favorite. —ISAI

Leah Leichty, 27, Face and body painter

Anywhere I can get some good sushi. I’m basic—poke, sashimi, sushi, anything fish, I love it. You can’t go wrong with a great rainbow roll. —LEAH

Bob Ertl, 55, Marketing

The Crow’s Nest is where we go the most. Laili on Cooper St is a great little restaurant for after an event Downtown. —BOB

Aurora Friedman, 21, UCSC Human Biology major

My friends and I like Kianti’s pizza and pasta bar. We’re broke college kids so it’s high-end for us. On weekends, they do fun dancing with pizza dough. I really like the jalapeno cheese bread and a salad. —AURORA

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Jeff Aldrich, 47, X-ray laser science manager

It’s past now, but The Dolphin, for breakfasts every Christmas morning. Now, Café Palomar for breakfast and lunch. I go there and watch people play volleyball and see the boats go in and out of the harbor. —JEFF

Regina Kim, 19, and Vince Moreno, 19, UCSC computer science majors

We go home to be with family for big celebrations, but for here, Arslans Turkish Street Food is the best. We love the kabobs. —REGINA and VINCE


  1. Jalisco , in Watsonville. all their food is delicious and prepared by chefs who know real Mexican food. and it is a place to have parties and celebrations. i have been eating there for decades. their fish dishes are especially divine.

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