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Question of the Week

“What is your favorite radio station?
— What makes it great?”

Louisa Balderas, 24, Assistant Manager at Festa Coffee in Capitola Mall

“KZSC because it’s so random, and never the same songs like other stations. I don’t even know what genre they play, music that I wouldn’t ordinarily listen to. They play songs in other languages, and I’m like, cool!”

Matthew Domenicelli, 19, Deli

“I listen to the one my dad listens to, which is K-PIG. And also the nighttime alien conspiracy show. I really like the UCSC station, and I wish I could DJ there.”

Nancy Alstrum, 67, Retired Environmental Specialist

“I like KKUP from Cupertino, it’s very eclectic, all different genres. I like K-PIG, but they’ve gotten too Western, like Nashville. I like Americana, but every time I listen to it, it’s more Country Western. And I like KSQD.”

Ryan Klaner-Glenon, 22, Graphic Designer

“I’ve gotta shout-out KZSC, UC Santa Cruz radio. I like how it’s student-run, so every person that’s hosting it has a personal connection to their music. It’s fun to listen to stuff that I wouldn’t listen to normally.”

Kris Berardi, 24, Student

“KZSC because I have a friend that works there, and they play a good, eclectic mix of music.”

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Stephen Hekhuis, 70, Dog Walker

“KSPB from the Stevenson School in Carmel is pretty funny sometimes when a student hasn’t done it before. I listen in my car, but I just switch around a lot if the music is dorky or the talk is uninteresting.”


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