.Suspended Liminal Time: Risa’s Stars March 18-24

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of March 18, 2020

Between this suspended time of anguish, fear, and hope, a new reality is forming.

Astrologically, the three rays–Ray 1 (purpose, creation, destruction), Ray 2 (love/wisdom), Ray 3 (creative intelligence), or Pluto (1), Jupiter (2) and Saturn (3)–are disrupting the status quo. In the sign of Capricorn, they are “shining on the mountaintop.” Their work is to transform (Pluto) and intelligently restructure (Saturn) the world (economy, civilization, under Capricorn) under the law of love and wisdom (Ray 2, Jupiter). In turn, humanity is to restore and re-invent itself.

Everything is as it should be. This moment in time had to arrive (quickly–Uranus). It is a Ray 4 time–time for a new harmony to emerge from the chaos. A new creativity. Humanity thrives within chaos, and amazing things occur during times of crisis. We are in this chaotic (creative) period of time now. It is a liminal, in-between time, when old shadows fall away and a new clear light begins to be seen.

Within this liminal space we are called to develop, in quiet and solitude, new patterns, new rhythms, new ways of being, the new art of living. To grow a new garden. In the midst of everything “going dark,” gardening has not been cancelled.

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Each sign has a task to perform, especially in times of change.

Aries: Initiator—Aries is to introduce and offer new ideas and new realities to the world. Aries does not implement these ideas or complete them. That is not their job description. Aries is to create the new ideas that become new ideals that form the future for humanity. This is the first fire, the first endeavor. What would you initiate, Aries? You are to ponder upon this.

Taurus: Stabilizer and comforter—Taurus takes the new ideas Aries initiates and anchors them into the world, establishing, securing and stabilizing them. Taurus prepares these new ideas of Aries for the next seven generations. The stability of Taurus brings comfort, surcease from sorrow, anxiety and fear. Taurus is the “great Comforter and great preparer.” What will you stabilize, Taurus?

Gemini: Humorist and butterfly—Gemini is to gather the newest information, identify facts and truths, disseminating them so humanity can begin to understand reality. Gemini, the two brothers, displays two sides of an issue, so humanity can identify the truth of the matter via comparison and contrast. Gemini is the two pillars of masonry; the love underlying world suffering. Gemini gathers the golden apples of the sun.

Cancer: Nourisher and nurturer—Cancer is to nourish the “little ones,” those who do not yet understand and those who do. An example of Cancer is Chez Panisse creator Alice Waters. When the ’60s revolution occurred in Berkeley, at the end of the day, the protestors were hungry. It was Alice who fed them. From these early nurturing origins, cookbooks and the famous and successful restaurants Chez Panisse and Fanny came forth. Cancer, under her shell and in secret, “nourishes” the world. 

Leo: Leader, lion and lover—Leo is to lead. All leaders are placed in leadership roles in order to learn to lead. It is their initiation, their test. True leaders love their people, are kind and understanding. Yet they wield a sword of justice, like King Solomon. True Leo leaders have a heart of gold. Leos are the lion-hearted, the kings and queens of the sun. The brave ones.

Virgo: Order and Organization—In times of change, order and organization, purity and cleanliness, directions and instructions must be established to maintain the health of the people. These are Virgo’s realms. When we follow health instructions—guidelines of cleanliness and purity—when we pray, when we follow the rhythm of the sun, we create order and organization, feeling empowered and in control. Anxiety, fear and chaos cease. Healing then begins.

Libra: Grace, beauty and relatedness—In times of crisis, balance is needed. Libra enters into the lives of humanity during times of transition. Libra works with Venus to bring about harmony and balance. The beauty of Librans, their smile and touch, soothes fear and anxiety. Libra tells us to create love and peace in the world. We begin with intentions for goodwill, which creates right relations, creating the balance and harmony humanity seeks.

Scorpio: Disciple, researcher—The world is at present in a state of transformation, transmutation and reorientation, from old ways to the new. It is a phoenix-like state, wherein the old is placed in the fires so a new era can be forged. Scorpio understands these things. This is their everyday life. Scorpio is the researcher. They delve deep into the dark underbelly of the world, emerging later with the light of truth. Scorpio teaches us dark to light, death to immortality.

Sagittarius: Professor—Teaching justice, leading the journey with music. Humanity needs music during times of conflict and chaos. Sagittarius is the musician who works with the Gandharvas (music of the spheres, the flutes and lutes of Krishna). Music for the journey from the old to the new.  

Capricorn: Initiate in the world—Capricorn looks around and says, “What an auspicious opportune time we are in!” Capricorn works in the world of men (thinkers), participating in all the seed groups, within all the endeavors of humanity. Capricorn creates the new structures for the new world order, under the new laws and principles. Standing in the light of the sun, Capricorn hears humanity’s suffering and walks down the mountain to meet it, gathering servers along the way.

Aquarius: Server and friend to everyone—You break up the old ways, break down the bureaucracy, eliminate obstacles and all that obstructs humanity from building the new era. You summon from the future, the new world filled with ideas and ideals of community, the keynote of the Aquarian Age. You define, explain and actually live the Aquarian new laws and principles so everyone can understand. You are a friend to everyone.

Pisces: Healer and world savior—Pisces understands isolation, crucifixion, darkness, quiet, retreat, solitude, and tells us we can endure the darkness if we remain quiet and in retreat. After withstanding this darkness, the dark will begin to become light again. Pisces calls all disciples to stand in the light and radiate the light. When radiating this light to the world, we turn the darkness into day, walking in sunshine.


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