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Big Pete’s Sweet Treats makes medical cannabis cookies for dispensaries around Northern California. The Santa Cruz business is run by “Big” Pete Feurtado, who studied Oaksterdam in Oakland, and his son Pete Jr., the baker. The pair picked up an award for its Take N Bake pre-made cookies at Hempcon in San Francisco last month.

GT: What did you learn at Oaksterdam?

“Big” Pete Feurtado: It was a 13-week class, so each class was on a different aspect of marijuana. One week it was history. The next was cloning. So on and so on. I got sent home to do a project, and the project was “What would you do if you had a cannabis business?” It was just a little project, and then it turned into a real business.

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A baking business!

Big Pete: Yeah, and we’ve come out with all different products. We have one-dose cookies, two-dose, four-dose, six-packs, ten-packs, Take N Bake—three different flavors. They’re pre-made cookies already inside there. So, all you do is take it and bake it.

What’s the advantage to eating edibles versus smoking?

Pete Jr.: Mainly, smoking isn’t really healthy for your lungs, if you’re sick. (This is) a healthier alternative, and that’s why we also do gluten-free and sugar-free. Also, people like to medicate discreetly.

Any new flavors?

Pete Junior: We’re working on a vegan cookie. It’s going to take a whole new butter process. We’re going to make a coconut butter.

Have you seen your cookies help people?

Big Pete: There’s a kid in San Jose. His father was on his deathbed, and our treats helped him through his last months of his life without being on super high, powerful drugs. He just liked these treats. It’s helped people in their final days. It helps people sleep and eat. That’s mainly how I see it: for cancer patients—to get them to eat, to sleep.

www.bigpetestreats.com; 420-7857. PHOTO: ‘Big’ Pete Feurtado and his son Pete Jr. are dreaming up new vegan recipes for their award-winning pot cookies. CHIP SCHEUER


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