.The Pope is stepping down. If you had his job, what would be the first three things you would do?

lt laurenWomen can be priests, abortion legal, and they got to share all that wealth they’ve been storing for centuries.
Lauren Joe
Santa Cruz | Garbage Truck Driver

lt christine

I’d change the Catholic Church policy on birth control and stop fighting it, and then I’d go shopping, and then I’d travel.
Christine Hernlund
Santa Cruz | Researcher

 lt mary

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Let all the priests and popes get married, allow birth control, and allow Democracy in the Catholic Church because there isn’t any.
Mary Lynn Simons
Santa Cruz | Teacher


lt michael

I would come down hard on the child abuse that’s come to light; I would try to lighten up on the history of the church— that is the Crusades and the Dark Ages. And thirdly I would tell the truth about Christianity.
Michael Quinn
Santa Cruz | Cabinet Maker


lt craig

The first thing I would do would be to get Ultimate and Disc Golf into the Olympics. I’d make sure that happened. Second thing would be getting rid of all nuclear weapons. I could do that as the pope, right? The third thing would be to let the priests marry.
Craig Roberts
Seaside | Presbyterian Church Pastor


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