.Unfolding a Petal in the Heart Lotus: Risa’s Stars Feb. 5-11

Recently, the student asked the teacher, “What part is the virus playing in our world today, and what part do I play?” The teacher responded, “The virus plays an important role in transforming the immune system of humanity. It will modify all of humanity’s living systems. The virus attacks humanity’s limited consciousness, allowing it to expand into the reality of what matters most.” We will see more men and women of goodwill working to help humanity during this time. Service, health, and healing is one of the 12 petals of the heart lotus. This petal will unfold during this time.

Neptune is in Pisces (activating viruses and bacteria) and it is the Kali Yuga Age of Darkness. Humanity must go through this dark time, together, cleansing for the new era. There is much work occurring in the heart of the Ashram at this time, bringing knowledge and wisdom for healing into the world. Synthesis is at work—all the frequencies of consciousness within humanity must be brought forward at the same time.

When a crisis occurs, we find our place and establish our relationship in the Ashram with co-workers and disciples. We learn who we are and who we can serve (activating the petal of healing). We recognize who we turn to for love, care and support. This is our Ashramic Group.


ARIES: Great opportunities, prospects and advantages begin to appear in your life, and your aspiration for success spirals upward. Progress is assured if you pace yourself and are eager for others’ success along with your own. But most important to determine your effectiveness will be completing all jobs and fulfilling all promises. So be careful what you initiate and what is promised.

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TAURUS: You have energy, ambition, desires and aspirations to achieve a high level of leadership, helping people understand how to create a group mind, work together and build true community. At the center of all of this is the template of the new sharing society. People, certain ones, learn by watching you. Therefore, it’s not good to constantly hide away behind the scenes. Calling all angels now for the new era to begin.

GEMINI: You want to break away from your regular life. This is so strong within you I don’t know how you’re coping with it anymore. There are possibly very deep belief systems keeping you from making a change, even temporarily. Would you know what these are? Perhaps a bit of pondering upon this would help. The reality is you’re free. And the call is clarion clear. The group already exists, and it’s waiting for you.

CANCER: Are there difficulties and tensions being experienced within certain relationships? Are there conflicts arising either externally or internally with those close to you or perhaps with friends? If this continues for too much longer, the roots of the difficulty will either get lost or become concretized and hurts will not be healed. Something’s off balance. You need (to see, hear) the whole truth. Then you need to accept it. You can.

LEO: Are you in touch with family? Are you entertaining a bit here and there? Are you called to be creative while tending to a segment of society many do not consider important? Are you gathering slowly around yourself a group of like-minded people to help in this task? Something with a wise one, something cultural catches your attention. You will think back into the past for a while. About relationships. And certain trees, snow, fires and waterways.

VIRGO: You seek practical solutions to a creative problem. To do this you step into the future, find ways to work that are unusual, innovative, original, modern and novel. Be careful with health. There’s a vulnerability that can create inflammation. Turmeric, curries, East Indian spices and foods—dahls, kitcheree–are beneficial for your well-being now. Make all working conditions easy for everyone.

LIBRA: If someone were to observe closely in order to write a story about you, they would see that you have created a strong ethic around the principles of justice, equality and cooperation. However, they will also see that there are areas in your life still waiting for you to incorporate these virtues. Libras want peacefulness in their lives. Do you know how to create it? It begins with the intentions for Goodwill, everywhere, with everyone. Someday…yes?

SCORPIO: How does your home feel to you these days? How does it look? Home is your foundation, as a child and later as an adult. It is your refuge, a place to leave, a destination to come back to. Is your home providing these? Do you sense the need for a new home, one that encompasses community (living)? What duties keep you away from home? What new foundations, based on future trends, do you need for you to feel home? Where is home?

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarians begin to ponder and gestate a new state of awareness; thoughts and ideas expanding as each week unfolds. This state concerns creativity, children, romance. Things happen this year unexpectedly, without warning, popping up here and there out of the blue. Perhaps new artwork or a new book (to be painted, written, published, contemplated). Something’s coming!

CAPRICORN: Wherever you find yourself, this is where you are called to serve. In whatever area or capacity you are able, this is your area of service and serving. At first, we are servants, then servers, then “of service to the world.” Recognize while serving others your own self is also being served. You learn more and more about your gifts, talents and abilities. Gifts good, noble and beautiful.

AQUARIUS: You possess an extraordinary amount of knowledge and artistic endeavor. This coming year even more will arrive. You will be busy learning how to organize and classify, discriminate and categorize what data is needed for the future, and what to eliminate. It may feel like chaos. Know that chaos is the first step toward a new harmony. Connections with others will increase. Love will, too.

PISCES: Perhaps for the first time as a Pisces you are beginning to be in touch with the cycles of the seasons. You are beginning to feel the different levels of light within the energies of the signs each month. You are becoming aware of the wisdom of the earth, the kingdoms, the interconnectedness between earth and heaven. Not intuitively, but in your body. Your values change and expand; so does your self-worth. A star above you shines bright. 



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