.Valentine’s Day–being of love a little more careful: Risa’s Stars Feb. 13-19

We are in our last week of Aquarius, the sign of humanity itself—of community, freedom and awakening to the beauty of future visions, group life and service to the world. We have a busy week. Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Monday is Presidents’ Day as the Sun enters Pisces. And Tuesday is the full moon, the Pisces solar festival and the lantern festival, ending the Chinese and Tibetan new year celebrations.

Valentine’s Day is a Gemini moon/Aquarius sun day. Gemini (ray two, love/wisdom) is the sign of making contacts and communicating with everyone, everywhere. Gemini is the communicator creating connections and relationships everywhere.

On Valentine’s Day, we may experience hope, love, yearning, devotion, candy, kisses, hearts, flowers—and, for some, delusions, illusions and consuming too much chocolate. With Mars in Taurus (desire, luxury) and Mercury in Pisces (cravings), we could overdo the sugar and fall into a state of languor and oblivion. Hopefully not. Valentine’s day this year (with Gemini moon) should be fun, light, easy, happy, friendly, cheery, breezy, and lighthearted. Like Gemini.

Valentine’s Day always occurs in the depths of winter, in the sign Aquarius.

The heart (soul ruler) of Aquarius is Jupiter (ray two of love/wisdom). A perfect time for Valentine’s Day, where we remember the most famous words of Gemini-rising poet e. e. cummings (Oct. 14, sun/Venus in Libra, Gemini rising, Aquarius midheaven) to “be of love (a little) more careful than on everything.”

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ARIES: Venus is in your 10th house of being recognized in the world. You’re becoming a bit more attractive and charming. The vulnerability you carry is your heart on your sleeve, filled with unexpected feelings, diplomatic abilities and magnetic keeping-the-peace responses. To be even more interesting, show a real interest in art, dance, ancient artifacts, and music. Tend to health with care–your valuable asset. And be willing to cooperate more.

TAURUS: It’s good to be in retreat, a healthful state of affairs for Taurus—who can be seen in fields, meadows, farms, hill and dale, but often not in crowds. Taurus is not very urbanized. A good thing. They are private, expressing love behind protective veils (doors), in the quietude of their homes. Venus is known for bringing romance and ending things no longer useful. Taurus is either the singer or the one who can’t sing. Both express themselves in hopes and dreams. Uranus (change) is in your sign soon!

GEMINI: You think about hopes, dreams and wishes, and somehow a bit of a wound appears. Perhaps, for some reason, you feel hindered or limited. Venus, whose light protects you, has plans for you behind the scenes. Venus asks you to create a journal of what you value about yourself, to write an autobiography, in order to make deeper contact with your essential beingness. Venus waits patiently to hear your story, your self-narrative and aspirations. There’s a sadness, because the time for something is not yet. It will be soon. You must be ready.

CANCER: Have you found new friends, perhaps one in particular? Have you left old friends behind? Do you realize why others like you? Because you have qualities they want to emulate, knowledge they want to know about, competency and practicality they want to imitate. People look at your skills and experiences and the presence you bring to all gatherings. You have authority and Venus wants you to share more with everyone. It’s good to pursue something of beauty–imaginative, inventive and splendid.

LEO: Routine things these days make you feel hindered, caught, caged, and slightly crazy. You simply must be let free, able to pursue travel, journeys, new insights, new realities, new waves of thought streaming through the ethers. Something exotic is happening to the way you express yourself. Attractive before, now you’re attractive, lovingly magnetic and becoming even more creative. Something you would never consider becomes a possibility. Paint.

VIRGO: Multiple realities appear, all connected to relationships, creative, and home endeavors. Something financial and resourceful comes forth. Do not allow it to wound or confuse you. Sharing power becomes possible because you want to harmonize differences, soothe any chaos or conflict, become intimate in terms of spiritual understanding (also physical). If partnered, you realize their goodness in the depth of your heart.  

LIBRA: Venus provides you with wisdom of how to be in a relationship and how to create a beautiful, balanced, harmonious home environment. You are to love your partner with all your heart and your soul. Create deep intimate connections through praise and appreciation. This heals and brings forth unexpected gifts in the relationship. Be willing to compromise, adapt and make peace wherever there is no peace. If single, apply these to friends and family, past, present, and the future. Everything and everyone become your relationship.

SCORPIO: You have a special task in the coming months: to create and anchor a true (not only outer) harmony in all environments, from work to home to yard to garden to garage to car to people to groups. Organizing outer harmony creates an inner sense of joy, accomplishment and pleasure. Being successful now means being cooperative, instilling in everyone a team spirit, and having the willingness to understand and serve the needs of others. Try.

SAGITTARIUS: You become more charming, playful and dramatic these days. Even your choice of music and food reflects this. Are children or young people around? They will reflect this also, especially the dramatic parts. Your self-expression and sense of values enter a Venusian (soft, loving, romantic) phase of creativity. There’s so much to be kind, giving and cheerful about. So much fun to have. So many dramatic situations to enter. And to be the bright rising star!

CAPRICORN: So much of your focus is home and family. You seek to aid and heal others whenever you see sadness or wounding. Art is a source of strength for you, so you’re often nostalgic for things traditional. You value color, art and books in your home, and all that you create is peaceful, beautiful and useful (like the art of hand-stitched quilts). Think about how to build a greenhouse attached to your home to nurture greens and medicinal plants and herbs. You are calm and serene. Home is your value and your pleasure. You are grateful.

AQUARIUS: We find you talking a lot these days about what you value, making plans, being out and about talking with friends, farmers and seeking to work with them in order to bring forth the necessary food for humanity. You find many companions along the way that agree with your values, interests and exchange of ideas. Great ideas always precipitate down to become great ideals within humanity.  As an Aquarian, all that you do benefits humanity. Good work.

PISCES: A level of contentment is felt in your heart and mind. Wherever you find yourself, there is an inner feeling of safety, security and being in the right place. After a while you feel concern for your finances, security and the future. It is good at this time to offer yourself in service to others without thought of compensation. And to make greater and more contact with the spirit world. In this way, love is released which creates your present and future wellbeing. It’s your birthday soon.


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