.Venus Retrograde: Risa’s Star’s Oct. 10-16

We have begun many months of planetary (Venus and Mercury) retrogrades. Venus, the Evening then Morning Star, has retrograded in Scorpio. Venus began its retrograde Oct. 5 (11 degrees Scorpio) and continues until Nov. 15 (when Mercury begins its retrograde). Venus retrogrades every 20 months for about 40 days and nights.

When planets retrograde, the past reappears, decisions are delayed, plans are set aside for reflection and assessment and all areas and subjects associated with the retrograde planets are reviewed in order to either renew, revitalize or set them aside forever.

With Venus retrograde we assess what we love, our intelligence, money, relationships (lovers, partnerships, friends), possessions and values. With Venus in Scorpio retrograde, we review what we share with others. Venus represents the intelligent heart, and the emergence of the Love principle. Venus turns knowledge (Jupiter, the Father) into intuition and wisdom (Pallas Athena, emerging knowledge, the mind of her father, Jupiter).

Venus resolves duality (through right knowledge), promotes diplomacy (Libra) and establishes Right Human Relations, created through intentions for Goodwill. Venus coordinates our intelligence so that we can choose acts of Goodwill, which creates Right Relations. This is a new concept of Love for humanity.

Two notes… when Venus is retrograde the value of things is confused. Prices may be too high or too low. Again, discernment is needed in all interactions. Also, the midterm elections (Nov. 6) will occur during this Venus retrograde cycle. When public events occur during retrograde times, we are often surprised by the outcomes. Venus governs unity and harmony, love and wisdom, values and Right Human Relations (Venus ruling Libra). Let’s watch what happens.

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ARIES: You will assess and reassess your professional life and work in the world. Be sure not to do less than is expected. Pay attention and complete all tasks. This isn’t your greatest strength but it’s important now that projects be on time, that negotiations go smoothly, that you do your very best and more the next several months. Review goals. Do you like your work? Are you challenged? Are you dutiful? These are important questions.

TAURUS: Venus is your guardian angel (also for Gemini, Capricorn and Pisces). But Venus likes you best. Sh, don’t tell! On your mind are ways to safeguard your future, visions and dreams of creating a refuge, teaching and creating realities that are new. Consider how your values and beliefs affect relationships. Do they help or hinder? Do they include others’ thoughts, ideas and needs? Building a fence around a garden may be a necessity.

GEMINI: You may be concerned with resources, values and sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings. Nothing about this Venus retrograde is light for you. Love calls you to be kind and patient. To be honest about finances, resources, desires, intimacy and relationships. Are you studying the mysteries yet? At some point you will commit to this. Then your life will change. You may look back for a while. Remembering things past. Then they fly away.

CANCER: Many people passed your way and left an indelible mark on your heart. You will remember relationships, past and present, assessing their goodness, value, what you learned, gave and received. All relationships help us learn how to be in them. Then one day we’re ready and the real relationship comes along. Your practicality creates a solid foundation of trust. Your nurturance helps people grow strong.

LEO: Evaluating daily tasks, you ask are they effective and efficient? Increased technical work skills affect work routines. Expect challenges in communication and understanding due to Venus retrograde. Notice if animals begin to feel unease, agitated or become ill. Look after your health. Go slower than usual. Know that rest is good and all that happened in your past also was good. There was love.

VIRGO: Creating a winter garden, beginning a creative project, visiting museums and galleries, choosing to be playful instead of serious, remembering generous moments from the past, reconnecting with loved ones—these and more are part of your life the next several months. They have already begun, actually. Consider changing the way you ask for affection. Expressing it more is one way.

LIBRA: You will experience an interesting state of insulation the next several months. You will ponder upon many things—the state of your home, the foundations of your life, your parents, especially mother. You’re both mental and sentimental. As you sustain and nourish others you’ll need to hide away, hibernate a bit for study, retreat, warmth and comfort. Tranquility will be your aim. Forgiveness the outcome.

SCORPIO: Your mind expands exponentially through study, training, travel, culture and the mysteries. One study particularly important is the Electric Universe. It seems our present scientific systems are all wrong. Gravity isn’t holding us together. Electricity is. Studying this subject of the electrical universe places you on the very edge of the new reality. Continue to visualize your dream/vision. It comes quietly on little cat’s feet.

SAGITTARIUS: Feelings of nobility within solitude appear. You’ve been mentally active, engaged, diligent and industrious for so long. Now it’s time to retreat a bit, have late afternoon tea, cultivate trusting friendships, and assess resources slowly and cautiously with a sense of gratitude. An internal shift eventually rebalances your energy, helps organize your future. You will see goals clearly and visualize how to reach those goals. Learn archery.

CAPRICORN: At times you feel restless, realizing something’s changing foundationally in your life, perhaps your self-identity and your usual ways of being. You will experience your natural and familiar winter identity as Persephone (both female and male Capricorns) underground in the world of Pluto. You’re deeply internal. Make sure you have baskets and baskets of pomegranates. They keep you alive and well and in touch with the Mother.

AQUARIUS: There are four rulers of Aquarius. The dour strict rule-oriented Saturn (old ruler) who criticizes a lot. The revolutionary Tesla-like newbie Uranus creating new rhythms and the Aquarian Age. The loving wise teacher, Jupiter. And the lightning-like revelatory genius Uranus (again). Which would you like to be? Knowing the rulers of each sign and what their tasks are allows us to assume different identities. Blending Uranus and Jupiter is good. When we’re Saturn we scare everyone. Jupiter loves you.

PISCES: Be caring and kind to everyone. Have intentions to bring harmony to all relationships and interactions. This is to be your goal. You may reconnect with past friends and lovers. There are several you would like to see, talk with, create new friendships with. This may or may not happen. Many are on another path. Be generous, helping those in need. Everyone is in need of something sometime. Discover it. Offer it. Have patience and faith. Protect yourself in all ways, more so than usual.


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