.ViDA Juice Offers Kombucha Alternative

ViDA Juice founder Sebastian Cubero is taking a different approach to the fermentation craze with Jun, a sister tonic to kombucha that’s made up of green tea and raw honey instead of black tea and cane sugar—the typical ingredients used in kombucha. It’s milder and less acidic than kombucha, while still using a similar fermentation methods.

Cubero was born in Costa Rica, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy, and worked as a traveling chef for 10 years before starting ViDA Juice Inc. California native and co-founder Carrie Clark has always been rooted in holistic nutrition, and joined Cubero to promote a healthier lifestyle and well-being. Until last week, ViDA juice only offered spirulina, turmeric and dragon fruit flavors of Jun tonics in local breweries and stores. Now they have added spicy hibiscus “classic” flavors to the family, and will publicly release a rose-flavored tonic soon. The ViDA family is also expanding into more breweries, including Sante Adairius, Lupulo and Beer Thirty.

What inspired the latest flavors?

SEBASTIAN MANJON: I always wanted the classic flavor, that’s what I started homebrewing. It’s where it all came from. The classic brew is my personal favorite, because it showcases the green tea and honey, and also the maker and crafter behind it. It’s the most transparent of all of the flavors; you can taste what goes into it. We also get a lot of feedback from the farmers market, we have new flavors and do a trial run to see what people like. We noticed that people love a little bit of heat in their drink, it’s cleansing and stimulating, so that’s what inspired the spicy hibiscus.

Why brew Jun?

Jun itself is kind of considered the champagne of the probiotic industry. It’s like a champagne versus a white wine—you are dealing with a few more variables in brewing Jun versus kombucha, plus it has a more elegant taste and is lighter. It’s harder to brew, more delicate and there’s a bit more craft in it. A lot of the kombucha companies you see on the shelf are very flavor packed and taste, like a Jolly Rancher versus tea. So we are trying to go where your palate is looking for the flavors rather than the flavors smacking you in the face.

View full listings of events and stores carrying ViDA Juice at vidajuicery.com.



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