.Visitor Guide 2016

Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 12.34.27 PMHistorians tell us that the terms “yin” and “yang” were invented in Santa Cruz, sometime around 1975.
I know, I know, these are terrible historians we’re talking about. But since they’re only about 2,400 years and 6,000 miles off, I’m going to go ahead and give it to them. Point is, the Taoist principle of complementary opposites existing as an indivisible whole is instructive in understanding the forces at work in this year’s Visitor Guide. These pages are packed with things to do and places to see, drilled down to the level of what live music events you can find on any given weekday, and where and when to find Santa Cruz’s best art events. It’s a lot of fun, but don’t forget that all this yang activity must be balanced by a good helping of yin. That’s why our feature on the zen of Hidden Peak Teahouse, where locals hide out for some enforced digital detoxing is there to add balance. It’s just like ancient Chinese philosopher Zou Yan once said: “After the thrill of the Giant Dipper roller coaster must come the cleansing of the Logger’s Revenge.” Wait, what? Really, historians? Really?



R&R: Escape the Daily Grind with a Visit to the Digital-Free Haven of Hidden Peak Teahouse
Outdoors: How the Wharf to Wharf Became Every Runner’s Favorite Local Race
Shops: A Growth Boom in Santa Cruz is Incubating These Exciting New Retail and Dining Spaces
Culture: Five Great Ways to Experience Santa Cruz’s Vibrant Arts Community
Nightlife: How Santa Cruz keeps the Night Alive All Week Long
Drink: Two World-Class Distilleries, Right Here in Town
Dining: History and Food Make a Memorable Mix with Walking Food Tours
Attractions: Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Promotes Our Ocean on June 25


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