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VG2015 COVERWEBIt’s ironic that many visitors experience Santa Cruz primarily via car. This area is known for its natural beauty, we have the beach and the redwoods, and yet a vacation here can easily be reduced to a series of car trips—back and forth, here and there, point A to point B. That will certainly get you to a lot of great places in Santa Cruz, but I’ve noticed that a deeper theme has risen from the stories in this Visitor Guide.

Our feature that opens the Outdoor section of the magazine features not a typical topic like ziplining, tough mudders, or some other extreme activity, but rather a guide to how to improve your experience and understanding of Santa Cruz with a walking tour. A feature in the Nightlife section explains why Midtown is Santa Cruz’s next big district—primarily because there’s so much entertainment, food and more all within walking distance. Need something to do that walking in? Our story on Pacific Avenue’s unreal selection of shoe stores will take care of you.

What’s the message here? Maybe we’re all looking for a way to slow down a little bit, and take a closer look. Santa Cruz is the ideal place for that. We can all start by putting one foot in front of the other. Be here now!


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