.What are your thoughts on Occupy Wall Street?

lt_corrinaI think it’s wonderful what all the people are doing in all the cities around the country right now in reference to the Wall Street crash and all the problems. And I also think they should take that and take it to the banks and the mortgage companies. I think it’s wonderful and I’d like to see more of it.

Corrina Shirley

Santa Cruz | Student


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I think it’s a great thing. I like the fact that it shows there’s still some fight within us in this country to change things. Not sure how far it will get but I’m just really positive about what is happening over there.

Steve Watson

Santa Cruz | Web Hosting


I think they’re making a good point. The problem is complex but they’re highlighting some of the important problems that are facing America and the rest of the world globally.

Anthony Shaffer

Santa Cruz | Software Architect



It’s awesome that we’re moving in the right direction trying to pay attention to where our money is going. And that we all need to take responsibility for where our money, our taxes, revenue—all of our financial fluidity is flowing to, and making sure it’s not flowing into the pockets of the upper one percent elite folks. I think the movement itself is critical at this juncture so that people wake up and take a closer look.

Carey Bell

Santa Cruz | Nursing Student



I dont agree with it. Jobs are scarce right now, and I feel it would be better to work with the business community to develop jobs. When you occupy something it leaves a bitter taste for the people that are there and also the people that provide jobs. I dont know much about the movement, it seems like everybody thats there has different opinions, it’s not centralized. I think we all have to get together and cooperate so there will be jobs in this country.

John Smith

Santa Cruz | Unemployed


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