.What changes would you like to see for Santa Cruz in the coming year?

lt leighBetter public transportation options, and crack down on crazy drivers who imperil bikers because it’s terrifying to bicycle here. More rain.

Leigh Johnson
Soquel | Researcher


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lt jesse

More happiness, more support for the arts in a real tangible financial way.

Jesse Autumn
Santa Cruz | Musician

lt zacharyI want to see a more thriving rap music scene here, I feel like it’s kind of missing. We have a lot of metal and jazz and lots of other types of music but we’re really missing a rap influence in our town here.

Zachary Scotton
Santa Cruz | Back Stock Coordinator

lt joeI’d really like to see the trolly be a year-round operation, a regular part of downtown. It really adds so much. People enjoy it and I love it. I’d like to see parking issues dealt with. They have improved, but I’d like to see something like “park all day for five bucks” in the garages, because visitors come from out of town and they think they’re going to spend 20 or 30 bucks. They dont realize that we have a great deal.

Joe Ferrara
Santa Cruz | Musician/Business Owner

lt bryanI like Santa Cruz just the way it is.

Bryan Linney
Santa Cruz | Pool Technician


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