.What do you think about the electoral college?

lt-celesteWell, it’s been around a long time, and we still need it. But I’m 83 years old, and difficult to change.

Celeste Phillips, Santa Cruz, Retired Registered Nurse



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lt-kaliNot being born here, I think it needs to be revamped. People outside of here are asking if it’s a joke.

Kali Kagamubla, Santa Cruz, Teacher/Artist





lt-patienceIt’s obsolete. I think the popular vote makes more sense.

Patience Warnick, Santa Cruz, Software Engineer





lt-jeffIt’s confusing to anybody who doesn’t look at it several times. [But] I’m fine with it.

Jeff Osborne, Santa Cruz, Teacher






lt-richIt’s a scam from beginning to end. And that’s not just my opinion, that’s part of the public record.

Rich Oxman, Aptos, Educator


  1. The electoral college was obsolete when the telegraph became widespread (late 19th century). The only reason we still have it is political inertia. It is natural for politicians to preserve the political system that got them elected in the first place. We need to change to a preferential voting system that allows people to express their true political voice without the need to vote for the lesser of two evils.


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