.What do you think about the SCPD getting a Bearcat armored vehicle?

lt daveI think it’s macho-ness run wild … and probably the money could be spent more wisely. And I’m pro law enforcement.

Dave Walter, Santa Clara, Purchasing Agent



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lt charlieIt seems like it might be overkill. I’m not quite sure if they would need it.

Charlie Wallace, Santa Cruz, Musician







lt steveGenerally, I love the way the Santa Cruz police respond to crisis here, to conflict and what’s going on in the street, and I don’t feel like they need anything more.

Steve Otto, Santa Cruz, Psychotherapist Intern






lt jackIs it to serve and protect? Who is it serving and who is it protecting?

Jack Burrows, Santa Cruz, Real Estate







lt nogaSounds awesome! We should get five of them and make a big parade down Pacific Avenue, make a festival, put them in rainbow colors—one for each chakra—and make a big party.

Noga Vilozny, Santa Cruz, Healer


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