.What gives you hope?

lt lindsayThe promise for a bright and beautiful future, and my family, which consists of my husband and cat, working, such a beautiful environment, and being in
Santa Cruz and alive. It’s hard not to be hopeful here.
Lindsay Martin
Santa Cruz | Florist

lt dianne
My family, my friends, and riding my brand-new bike.
Dianne Smith
Santa Cruz | Retired Teacher

lt campbell
The new Pogonip trail gives me hope because that means people are interested in the welfare of the community and my welfare, and the safety of me on the trails.
Campbell Steers
Santa Cruz | Cyclist/Artist

lt priest
Getting up every day gives me hope.
Priest Owens
Santa Cruz | Self Employed

secure document shredding

lt colin
Nice days, pretty girls, family, good
people, nature and knowledge.
Colin Taylor
Santa Cruz | Archeologist


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