.What’s a national security threat that doesn’t get enough attention?

lt-tinaSolar storms and solar flares that could wipe out all electronic devices.

Tina Bay, Santa Cruz, Actor





lt-joffThere is a nuclear power plant in Japan that’s still leaking into the Pacific Ocean, but we forget about it because it’s on the other side of the world.

Joff Jones, Santa Cruz, Artist





lt-shannonHate, unkindness, religion. People will dislike each other and continue to harm one another.

Shannon Dowah, Santa Cruz, Unoccupied

lt-desmondRefugees. When you let them in, you don’t know who you’re letting in.

Desmond Alves, Santa Cruz, Construction Administrator

lt-andyA bigoted, racist, egomaniac billionaire potentially stealing the election and becoming our president.

Andy Gross, Boulder Creek, Revolutionary


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