.What’s the best and the worst thing that could come out of assisting Syria?

lt patrick
The worst is clear, getting bogged down in a long civil war and spending another decade with American boots on the ground. And the best would be to be able to stop the conflict and let Syrians live in peace.
Patrick Shields
Santa Cruz | Researcher

lt bill
Well, the best thing would be that we would stop the civil war. And the worst thing would be that we would expand the war into a proxy war between us and the Soviet Union and Iran, and all the parties on the other side.
Bill Duckwall
Santa Cruz | Engineer


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lt johnK
The worst that could happen would be World War III. And the best would be if somehow the tiny fraction of democratic rebels take control and spawn a new age of democracy in the Middle East.
John Koenig
Santa Cruz | Artist

lt johnB
The best would be we don’t get involved. The worst would be death of more young Americans.
John Blount
Santa Cruz | Electrician


lt brandy
The worst is we get into a conflict like Iraq and Afghanistan, Vietnam and everything else, if we send people over there. The best is that we would assist and get some democracy and stability in the country.
Brandy Chapin
Santa Cruz | Retired


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