.What’s your favorite quote? Why?

lt tim“People have the power to redeem the work of fools.”—Patti Smith.
It’s motivating and it allows you to realize that as an individual you have the power to make a difference, even when you see others doing things you dislike or disprove of. It puts the emphasis on an individual’s actions and living as you believe.
Tim Clark
Santa Cruz | Classroom Aid

lt john
“You get what you think about most of the time.” From Napoleon Hill. Why is that my favorite quote? I guess because it helps me to think positively and continue to have gratitude to have more to be grateful for.
Jonah Kai
Santa Cruz | Music Events Producer


lt melissa

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I used to work with someone who said “be careful what you get good at.” I think that when you start working you never know what you might be. You might be a bike mechanic, or a horticulturist, or a podiatrist, you never know. Then people will start asking you questions because you have that knowledge. So if you want to enjoy it then it can put you in a sticky situation. So enjoy it!
Melissa Fontaine
Santa Brbara | Food Literacy Consultant


lt fiorella

“Life is a slow march in enemy territory.” And it is self-explanatory.
Fiorella Harris
Santa Cruz | Retired Nurse



lt sandino

“Let me say, at the risk of sounding ridiculous, that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.” Ernesto Che Guevara. In a world filled with so much hate I think you need to resist with love.
Sandino Gomez
Santa Cruz | Youth Empowerment Coordinator


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