.What’s your take on the current housing situation in Santa Cruz?

lt annetteIt’s ridiculous how expensive it is. I used to live here. I live in Burlingame now, and it’s crazy expensive, but being in Santa Cruz, for what the incomes are, it’s insulting.

Annette Cavalier, Burlingame, Flight Attendant







lt judyIt’s out of control, and will probably continue to be because of the university and Silicon Valley. It’s not the locals, it’s people from out of the area that drive prices up.

Judy Evans, Santa Cruz, Retail Supervisor






lt paulI’m a landlord, a renter and a business owner. I try to do the best I can, and I’m in love with my landlady, so everything is messy in Santa Cruz real estate, and that’s the way life generally is.

Paul Cheatham, Santa Cruz, No Enemy





lt loreleiI think there should be more affordable housing, especially for people that need section 8.

Lorilei Angle, Santa Cruz, Geographer






lt jaleneWe should have some sort of rent control and housing regulation, because there are a lot of slumlords.

Jalene Otto, Boulder Creek, Retail



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