.Which international current event are you most concerned about lately?

lt patrickHow the situation in Ukraine is going to resolve itself.

Patrick Wilkinson
Santa Cruz | Retired Teacher


lt jenniferThe gendercide that’s happening in India and China is insane. Women, if they find out that they’re going to have a girl, they’ll kill their baby. If they have an untrasound and find out that they’re going to have a girl, they’ll get an abortion, even if it’s way late in their pregnancies. It’s terrible.

Jennifer Housek
Santa Cruz | Sales







lt russellThe Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown. There’s a lot of conflicting information being spread, and I would just like some kind of official evaluation of the situation so that we can know what’s going on.

Russell Board
Santa Cruz | School Teacher








lt steveThe failure of the international community to deal with climate change. It’s perhaps the most pressing issue that we face, and every year when they get together for a summit nothing much comes out of it.

Steve Schnaar
Santa Cruz | Bike Mechanic








lt mollyI would say the Ukraine and Russia crisis, because I just think that it’s really the biggest thing going on right now, and there has been a lot of damage. It’s a pretty big deal.

Molly Smith
San Louis Obispo | Crew Memb


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