.Would you support the creation of a desalination plant in Santa Cruz? Why? Why not?

lt jonathanI don’t. I think the same technology that they would be using for the desal would be useful for recycling water, and a lot cheaper with less environmental impact.

Jonathan Steinberg
Santa Cruz | HR Manager



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lt rebbieNo. I’ve heard they’re really expensive and they don’t actually give you much water for the payoff.

Rebbie Higgins
Santa Cruz | Homemaker









lt brittenI don’t have a fully informed opinion because I don’t know enough about the alternatives yet. I’ve heard lots of stuff out there but I have not seen any concrete viable alternative to it yet.

Britten Miles
Santa Cruz | Firefighter








lt vanessaI would if it was beneficial to the environment and not harmful to all of us.

Vanessa Van Drimmelen
Santa Cruz | Hairdresser









lt samYeah, I definitely would, but it just depends on how much space it would take. Santa Cruz is already limited on everything, so, if that brought more jobs, then yes.

Sam Taitt
Santa Cruz | Waiter


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