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Beginners welcome

Ladies and gender-non-conforming people of Santa Cruz, Xylo Aria wants to share the secrets of creating and producing music. For free.

The founder of Music Production for Women says that the program, coming to town July 11, will offer workshops in beat making, synthesizing and creating audio effects.

“We will be teaching everyone tools and techniques that they can practice with whatever type of music they’re creating,” she says.

She’ll break down each subject into a beginner-friendly format. And while learning is one part of the experience, making connections and meeting people is the other part of the journey. The event “creates a really lovely atmosphere for networking and making friends with other musicians in the area,” Aria says.

Aria, who founded Music Production for Women in 2019, is offering this year’s program in Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Nashville and New York.

While the event focuses on empowering women to produce their own music, Aria says any beginner who is intimidated by the challenges of music production can participate.

“Take the chance and come, because I’m sure you’ll find that it’s not as scary as you think after these sessions,” she says.

But don’t just take advice from the teacher. Take it from one of her students, Georgia Renee, who’s been learning from Aria since 2023.

“It is never too late to get started. Empower yourself as an artist and take control of your own creative dreams. Make them happen by diving in,” Renee says. “This program has been pivotal for me being able to release my own self-produced EP.”

Renee, who has been making music since she was 9 years old, says the program taught her the skills she needs to produce and market her own music.

“It can seem really overwhelming, the world of music production. You have two options: to pay loads of money to have someone else record and mix your own music, or you can invest your money, time and energy into developing your own skills that you not only have for life but you’ll also continue to get better with every release,” she says.

“I have gained so much confidence in my ability to learn anything I set my mind to and feel like it has unlocked a whole new sense of freedom for me as an artist.”

EmpowHer Sound takes place July 11 at UCSC’s Theater Arts Center. Visit musicproductionforwomen.com.


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