.2016 Holiday Gift Guide

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his year, I decided to pick gifts for my friends and loved ones by taping all the pages of this gift guide onto the wall, blindfolding myself, and throwing darts at them. Whatever it landed on is what you’re getting, people!

After a couple of blindfolded-darts-related mishaps (lesson number one that I can pass along is never, ever do this naked), I can tell you to get ready for something saucy from the Erotic Enthusiast category, dad! And Grandma Gwen, you are just going to love your gift from the Hipster page. It’s so ironic! All in all, I can say that chucking sharp pieces of metal at this gift guide is definitely the scientifically determined best way to shop locally this holiday season. But I guess, if you must, you could use it to efficiently find appropriate and sure-to-please gifts for all types of people in your life. Fine, whatever, just please, please help me un-pin myself from this wall.



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