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We are in our last week of Pisces. Friday is St. Patrick’s Day. Early morning Monday, the Sun enters Aries and Spring (northern latitudes) begins. The Sun joins Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Aries, sign of “all things new.” Spring equinox (Aries) begins a new astrological year. Aries is the sign that begins the tropical zodiac. Thus, the first day of Aries is also considered International Astrology Day.

The Pisces waters and the fires of Aries create a new season and new seeds of thought. With Uranus in Aries we sense new archetypes calling us to help build the new culture and civilization. Mars in Taurus will sustain and protect those seeds. And Gemini will disperse those seeds into the hearts and minds of humanity.

Moon and Saturn join together on the Equinox at 27 degrees Sagittarius, which is the galactic center, a most important heavenly point for information. Sagittarius is the journey and the goal and the wisdom needed for justice to prevail in our world. Humanity’s needs must be understood with new wisdom. No longer the old wisdom.

Aries is electric fire. It creates the heat that seeds need to sprout, grow and bloom. Aires fire is the fire in Spring’s lightning storms. Aries fire must step itself down before reaching Earth, lest the Earth and her kingdom actually catch on fire. Aries steps itself down through Mars, creating the Martian personality, fiery challenges, war, strife and conflict. Mars is desire and later aspiration. We are often “washed in the fires of desire” during Spring. As the creative and fiery Gates of Aries swing open, the Archangel Raphael (also known as the Mercury or Hermes) guards and guides the Earth. The Archangel of Healing.

ARIES: You will feel “in alignment” this month, as many new ideas (that become ideals) and unusual revelations are impressed upon your mind. Pay deep attention. They are important and will stabilize your actions and self-identity in the coming challenging times. View and interact in groups with discrimination. Stand tall and courageous and remember that fear just means you need more information. Research.

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TAURUS: You’re ceaselessly serving others throughout much of each day. Working behind the scenes allows you to read, study, research, think and ponder on things undisturbed. Sometimes you’re far away from home tending to life and death situations or medical emergencies. You must turn toward yourself now and begin to heal, using different healing modalities, vitamins, minerals and a special healing diet. Just for you.

GEMINI: After the Venus (your Soul ruler) retrograde we will have Mercury (your personality ruler) retrograde (April 9–May 3). You’re being prepared for future work. With your rulers retrograde, one after the other, I wonder what you’re thinking and feeling. Geminis are to disperse the dualities of light and dark on our planet. And then assure humanity of the “love that underlies all events in their world.” Can you do this? During the retrogrades you reflect upon friends, past, present and future.

CANCER: You may be remembering the many friends and groups you affiliated with, perhaps at work. There was a recognition, a call to leadership, an ability to teach and to help others in need. Do you have a future wish and hope to be fulfilled? Are you considering travel, people far away? Is there a community interaction you will participate in? Over the years you’ve developed discrimination, ethics and ideals. How is your garden? Share what you grow.

LEO: Things religious, spiritual, adventuresome along with places far from here play upon your mind. You create intentions to be better organized; you prefer plans and agendas to include culture, travel and a sustained, just philosophy. It’s important to know how to handle other people’s resources (inner and outer). Seek to learn what is of value about and within each person. Then you recognize how to honor them.

VIRGO: Work continues to be a stabilizing and expansive influence. You develop new ways of relating to everyone professionally and this creates an effective level of leadership. Your power is greater than you recognize and more than most comprehend. Careful with the authority you have come to possess. Intentionally balance discipline, structure, will and kindness. Let love rule.

LIBRA: Your heart is filled with love for another (new, present or past relationship). Love changes you. You think about money in terms of legacies, inheritances, stocks, investments, taxes or savings. Tend to debts and become very thrifty. Bring all ideas, concerns and information into the light for discussion. And consider what would sustain you (food, people, items, etc.) if the world changes.

SCORPIO: With your present work situation, consider creating a caring work environment along with new methods of well-being, communications and trainings. Tend daily to your physical health, eliminating all sugars, most grains and gluten. Make sure to care for your financial health as well. In the meantime, remember to have fun, play and seek the artistic and the beautiful. Then creativity expands exponentially.

SAGITTARIUS: In your daily life, be willing to listen carefully to others, agree with and participate in their ideas. This creates a loving emotional balance in your life. Should you do this you will be seen as one who is wise, intelligent and thoughtful—a new persona. Begin to intentionally cooperate, share and offer praise. This creates Right Relations within and without. Right Relations is one of the laws of the Aquarian Age.

CAPRICORN: Your consistent care and nourishment given to family and tradition leads to a depth of unexpected feelings and recognition by others. You are, to family, the “love that underlies all things” for them. Sometimes our families are far away. If this is the situation radiate Goodwill from your heart to those around you. Then people, walking into your radiant light, feel you are their family.

AQUARIUS: Watch with care all resources, finances, money. Be very aware of what your values are. Maintain communication with family and siblings. Are you moving about a lot, does your present environment need change and improvement for you to feel safe and secure? Communicate to everyone what your needs are. A new opportunity reveals itself recognizing your talents and your work needed in the world. Change transforms us.

PISCES: Neptune, Chiron and Pallas Athena are in Pisces. At times, you feel captive and betrayed. Choices must be made. A home, a new foundation or purpose. Neptune is dropping the veils between kingdoms. Chiron makes you exceptionally sensitive, aware of hurts with, to and from others. Pallas Athena opens the door to intuition. You miss so many things which are dissolving away. Find your place in the garden. Remain there. Especially at dawn and dusk.


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